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Frisbee Custom Bumper Stickers

Custom Bumper Stickers:
Expressing Yourself On the Road

Frisbee Custom Bumper Stickers

Our custom bumper stickers are suitable for pasting on the bumper of the car for covering the scratches, which is a very convenient and time-saving propaganda tool for brand, activity, and information dissemination. The personalized bumper stickers from can be used in business promotion, religion, and sports competitions. Additionally, you can use them to support or oppose a particular political position freely.

Easy to Print Your Cool Bumper Stickers

Whether you want to display a corporate logo or support your favorite sports teams, careers, political figures, etc., our custom car bumper stickers can help you.

Features of Custom Bumper Stickers

Customsticker's bumper stickers are not only suitable for car bumpers, but also for other products that need outdoor exposure. Our bumper stickers have the following advantages:

Waterproof & Oil-proof

The special vinyl material can survive extreme weather, dishwasher, and oil stain. Ensure the normal use of the custom printed bumper stickers.

UV-resistance & Anti-scratch

The appearance of funny bumper stickers has added a durable laminate which can protect from scratch and the sun.

Ultra-thinness & Lightness

Our custom bumper stickers no minimum convenient to carry and transport. The cheap bumper stickers are characterized by high quality and a 2-3 years life span.

Waterproof & Oil-proof              Split Back              UV-resistance & Anti-scratch              Strong Adhesive              Ultra-thinness & Lightness              Protect Your Bumper              Peace Corps Custom Bumper Stickers

Split Backing

The split backing of wholesale bumper stickers can help you easier peeling and then print on your personal items.

Strong Adhesive

The adhesive of car bumper stickers custom can be attached to smooth surfaces firmly. Of course, it can be removed without any residue left.

Protect You Bumper

Our custom bumper stickers cheap can protect your car in times of danger. Make sure that your bumper was intact.

Quick Shopping In

Have a vision for your custom stickers

Step One: Have a Vision

When you start to design your bumper stickers, you should choose the basic parameters from our quotation system, such as size, shape, and more.

Get a free design proof

Step Two: Get Free Design Proof

You can design your bumper sticker bulk by using our design system, Or maybe you can contact us to design one according to your own requirements. Finally, you will get free design proof.

Receive your custom bumper stickers

Step Three: Deliver to You

We will offer a free shipping service to you when the production is completed. You will receive your custom products for five to seven days.

Various Custom Bumper Stickers

Hogan White Vinyl Stickers

White Vinyl Stickers

  • • Standard material commonly used for custom stickers.

  • • White vinyl as the basic material; Allowing full-color printing.

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Holographic Stickers

Holographic Stickers

  • • Rainbow effect and eye-catching appearance.

  • • The service life of holographic stickers is more than three years.

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Transfer Stickers

Transfer Stickers

  • • The graphics can be transferred on your cars without background and border.

  • • Transfer stickers should be printed on flat and smooth surface.

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Metallic Stickers

Metallic Stickers

  • • Shiny metallic appearance, including sillver and gold stickers.

  • • Shiny metallic appearance, including sillver and gold stickers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can you provide free templates for my customized bumper stickers?

    A: Yes, of course, we provide you with various templates for free. Or you can connect with us to design your own templates.

  • Q: How long can I use your custom bumper stickers?

    A: Our car bumper stickers are made of durable vinyl material, and the strong adhesive allows you to use them for three to five years.

  • Q: Are there any bubbles when I stick my stickers on personal objects?

    A: Of course not. Compared with ordinary stickers, our custom bumper stickers are easy to stick on objects without bubbles.

  • Q: Will your bumper stickers damage my car's body?

    A: Our vinyl bumper sticker is made with semi-permanent adhesive, which allows you to use it repeatedly. Under normal conditions, the adhesive will not strip off your car body when your sticker was removed.

  • Q: How to remove your bumper stickers from your cars correctly?

    A: Firstly, clean up your bumper stickers and your car by using soapy water; Then, heat the sticker with a hairdryer to loosen the backing adhesive. And remove your bumper stickers with a credit card or other plastic tool immediately. Use soapy water to remove residue left on your car's body.

  • Q: Can you provide a design service if I don't have the artwork?

    Q: Can you provide a design service if I don't have the artwork?

Best Sticker Maker:

High-quality Guaranteed

We use premium waterproof vinyl material to make custom bumper stickers. As a cheap sticker maker with 20 years of experience, we have advanced technology for cheap sticker printing. We will make a quality audit for all products.

Free Templates & Free Design

We offer an easy-to-use design tool to simplify your bumper sticker ordering process. All you need to do is choose a template and enter your message. Or you can use our design system to make your own bumper stickers.

No Minimum Limitation

You can order our wholesale bumper sticker with any quantity. One piece is available for all customers. The printing technology of your bumper stickers can meet all your needs for the design.

Online Shopping Security

We ensure you that all your transaction from is safe. We respect and protect customers’ privacy. Enjoy your safe shopping here with free shipping & factory-direct price!

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