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Custom Circle Stickers to Make Your Sticker Dreams Come True

Colorful Custom Circle Stickers

Using custom circle stickers to promote your brand or event is a quick and easy way. Our high-quality circle stickers can be used on the smooth surface of the outer packaging, bumpers, mineral water bottles, laptops, water cups, and any objects you want. The customized circle stickers are weatherproof, waterproof and oil-proof.

Use our elegant circle customized stickers to make your items stand out! High-grade raw materials, advanced technology, strict quality control, and considerate customer service are the reasons that make our personalized circle stickers sell well all over the world.

More importantly, we provide all customers with free design and free shipping of your customized circle stickers. Moreover, all the custom circle stickers you buy on are sold at the factory direct price. This means that there is no middleman between us, and the price and quality of your personalized circle stickers are guaranteed.

How to Make Circle Stickers?

According to the steps, choose the surface finish, delivery date, size, and other categories of the circle stickers one by one.
Options to customize circle stickers
You can upload your own artwork design, or use our convenient online system to easily design a unique circle sticker. We provide customers with countless free circle sticker templates.
circle stickers design
Regarding the design draft, you can choose to check the design draft before producing the sticker. And you can also choose to produce the circle stickers without checking artwork.
Artwork approval for custom circle stickers
Start making your customized circle stickers, then arrange the quality inspection and free shipping for your personalized circle stickers.
Produce and ship your circle stickers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I distinguish between custom circle stickers custom circle labels?+

    Although these two customized products look very similar, there are significant differences in raw materials and uses between customized circle stickers and customized circle labels. Circle printable stickers are made of high-quality vinyl and the circle stickers can be used anywhere. As for custom labels, they are usually made of BOPP film and are more commonly used on the outer packaging, bottles, and other products.
  • Q: Can your customized circle stickers be waterproof?+

    A: Yes, the vinyl circle stickers we make are durable, waterproof, and oil-proof.
  • Q: How long can your custom circle stickers last?+

    A: Under normal circumstances, our printable circle stickers can last three to five years.
  • Q: Are there any fixed requirements for the order quantity of circle custom stickers?+

    A: You can buy only one customized circle sticker because our cheap circle stickers do not have a minimum order quantity requirement. Then, you can also order in large quantities, because the more custom circle stickers you order, the more cost-effective the unit price.
  • Q: Can I add text to my custom sticker artwork?+

    A: Yes, the custom circle sticker allows you to create and use your imagination freely. You can easily wrap all the text in the design and use it in conjunction with the curve.

Why Choose Circle Stickers from CustomSticker?

Popular Shape

Popular Shape

The circle-shaped sticker is a widely used shape. It has no limitations. Classic circle stickers like this will not easily be replaced.

Waterproof and Tear Resistant

Waterproof and Tear Resistant

These stickers are made of vinyl, which is very waterproof and resistant to tearing and has a long service life. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, it is a perfect type of sticker.

Unlimited Use

Unlimited Use

Black and white circle stickers or colored circle stickers can be made according to customer requirements. They can be applied to any surface, such as cars, bottles, notebooks, packaging, etc., perfectly blending the scenes you use.

Multiple Sizes

Multiple Sizes

As a circle sticker maker, regardless of size, our state-of-the-art cutting technology precisely cuts the size of the sticker. Circle stickers are available in a variety of sizes, and customers can choose the size based on the specific area of use.

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