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Clear Labels, Make Your Products Stand Out

Custom Honey Clear Labels

Amazing Clear Labels

Our clear labels are made of transparent, high-quality, and durable materials to present a clear and clear "label-free" appearance. Therefore, clear labels are suitable for you to use when you need to look at the product. The clear labels can be precisely cut into any shape you need.

Wide Range of Applications

This smooth, clear, and waterproof material is suitable for soaps, moisturizers, shower gels, and beard creams. Besides, the clear labels are also suitable for the outer packaging of honey, wine, beverages, and other foods. You can even use clear labels for car windows, store decorations, and other occasions.

Easy Online Customization

Use our free templates to personalize your exclusive transparent labels easily. Just upload your logo, text, or graphics online. Choose to customize your own clear labels online is as easy as buying pizza!


Can be used to smooth surfaces, such as glass, metal, and plastic items.

Clear Appearance
Clear Appearance

Make a professional and eye-catching appearance for your products.


Waterproof, oil-proof, sun-proof, and tear-proof.

Available for Any Shapes
Available for Any Shapes

Can be designed into any shape you want for your needs.

Available for Any Sizes
Available for Any Sizes

Arrange the appropriate size according to your actual design requirements.

How to Apply Clear Labels

How to Apply Clear Labels?

Clean the Surface

Clean the Surface

First of all, make sure that the surface of the object is free of dust and grease. Before sticking the printable clear labels, clean the surface of the target object with mild soap and water, or wipe the surface quickly with a soft clean cloth to achieve the best sticking effect.

Paste Clear Labels

Paste Clear Labels

To maintain the best appearance, our suggestion is to peel the custom clear labels from the edge. You can also wear thin, lint-free gloves during operation to avoid fingerprints. Align the label with the product, and then stick the edge of the label tightly to the surface of the target object.

Make the Clear Label Surface Smooth

Make the Label Surface Smooth

In order to solve the small bubbles and wrinkle marks generated during the pasting process, you can use a credit card to scratch the surface of the clear sticky labels lightly, so that the clear labels can achieve the best effect of a flat and smooth surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How about the durability of the clear printing labels you produce?

    A: The high-quality clear waterproof labels we make are very durable, and they are suitable for both indoor & outdoor use. Moreover, you can also use them on washable water cups or glass jars.

  • Q: What kind of adhesive is used to make your clear roll labels?

    A: We use durable permanent adhesive to make custom clear labels. When the transparent labels are peeled off, there will be no residue.

  • Q: Can I write on the custom clear labels?

    A: Yes, you can write on the personalized clear labels. Through testing, we found that permanent markers and ballpoint pens have the best writing results on the clear labels.

  • Q: Is the custom clear label printed on a roll?

    A: Yes, we provide custom labels in rolls. Currently, we provide various styles of die cut, clear, circle, rectangular, square and oval. Any shape and size you want, CustomSticker can do it for you.

  • Q: What are the advantages of your transparent labels in terms of price?

    A: First of all, we provide each customer with free design & free shipping services. Besides, we have our own factory, so all the personalized clear labels are sold at the factory-direct price. Moreover, you can place the label order according to actual needs since we never set a minimum order quantity.

Why Choose Clear Labels from CustomSticker?

Clear Labels For Print

Clear Labels For Print

Clear labels are made with an advanced laser or inkjet printing that can make clear printable labels. It is clearly visible no matter what type of bottle, glass, or envelope it is attached to.

Highlight the Product

Highlight the Product

Clear product labels are not only clear waterproof labels. The transparent effect is simple, and clear labels can highlight the inside of glass bottles and canned products.

High-Quality Materials

High-Quality Materials

We use high-quality clear materials and adhesives of labels. The transparent material is the clearest polyester material and the adhesive is a permanent CL material.

Rapid Design

Rapid Design

We have hundreds of free design templates, it is OK whether to design clear round labels or clear die-cut labels, you can see the design renderings right away from our online design system.

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