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Why Choose Custom Buttons?

Improve Brand Awareness

Custom buttons are very common in business promotions and commercial activities. Custom buttons are easy to distribute, easy to wear and store, and other advantages, which can save costs for companies or events. Therefore, most companies like to use them to enhance brand awareness or increase event popularity.

Provide Free Online Proof

We provide online free button proof for every order and provide it to customers within 24 hours after receiving the order. The proofs we provide are all original AI files, you can see the details of the custom button design. And we make the proof that can be produced flawlessly.

100% made in the USA

Our factory is designed in Los Angeles, USA, and every customer's custom button is produced and shipped in the United States; we guarantee 100% American manufacturing.

Custom Buttons Fast Turnaround

To ensure the custom made buttons turnover service, we provide a variety of time turnover options such as 24 hours, 48 hours, 3 days, or 5 days, and ensure that customers receive the goods within the agreed time.

Professional Online Customer Service

We are equipped with professional online customer service to help you solve customize trouble. Even if your budget is limited, they can make the most practical and cost-effective purchase plan for you.

In-depth Buttons Knowledge Articles


All button's knowledge is tailored to you.

Want to explore more info about custom buttons? Here at CustomSticker, we provide abundant info about custom buttons. Your confusion about how to order custom buttons online on our website and how to decide which shape to produce can all be solved here. And you can also share your knowledge about custom buttons here.

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