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Die cut labels

Die cut labels are the most personalized type of label. It has no shape restrictions, die cut sheet labels with dozens of size options. Start making your die-cut labels now, designing or uploading your checkmarks on our online tools.

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Cutting Any Shape.png

Cutting Any Shape

As long as it is a shape you can think of, we can cut it for you. Custom die-cut labels are the best choice for personalization packaging or unique shapes. It can be cut into any shape and the shape is not limited.

no residue.png

Apply & Peel Off Easily

High-quality adhesive stickers are not only cheap custom labels and easy to stick with a single touch. It can be easily separated from objects without breaking the walls and stickers, plus, without any remaining glue.

weather proof.png

Weather Resistance

We chose high-quality vinyl as the custom label material, and the weather resistance of this type of material is very good. It takes no problem to use it for 3-5 years, so don't worry about fading or falling off.

no minimum.png

Provide Small-batch Labels

We are a direct label manufacturer. In order to let customers know more about our company and product quality, we offer small batches of label services. Whether it is a big batch or a small batch of orders, you can order custom labels online with our system with a fast turnaround.