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Kiss Cut Stickers

Create a unique custom kiss cut stickers in 4 days, 100% custom personalized design! Depending on your design, we cut your sticker precisely, but keep the backing paper intact.

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Weather Resistant

All of our custom kiss cut stickers are made from the finest vinyl versatile materials that can withstand most weather conditions, especially rainy and high humidity weather.

peel off.png

Easy To Peel

Kiss cut sticker sheets are slightly surface-cut. And the edges of the cuts are not sticky to the edges of the base paper with seamlessly joined that allowing the user to easily peel off the backing material. It is suitable for customers who need to quickly strip a lot of stickers.


Protective Stickers

If you need to print stickers in batches, custom kiss cut stickers are a good choice. Because this type of stickers is equipped with a large back panel, it means that the smaller one can be well protected, is not easily lost, and is easy to stack or store.

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No Minimum Orders

To get kiss cut stickers with no minimum, Customsticker is your best option. You can place a small kiss cut sticker order with fast air transportation to ensure on time delivery to every customer.