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Square Stickers

Our custom square stickers are made with vinyl and high quality adhesives to make your products durable. Custom square labels are an easy way to place information such as a business, project, or event on a sticker.

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Branding Tool

Square stickers are an economical and convenient branding tool. Whether you want to increase exposure for a start-up company or hold retailer promotions, it's a great way to showcase your brand and image to the public. They are perfect for gift wrapping and event promotions.


Waterproof & Removable

Made of vinyl and high-tech adhesives, you needn’t worry about stickers fading or detaching due to weather change. They have a service life of up to 5 years.


High-Resolution Printing

Our high-quality printers print high-resolution square stickers, and making every detail vivid and clearly reflecting the color of the sticker. All square colored stickers that customers get is the perfect result.


Multi-size Selection

Whether it's large or small square stickers, we offer multiple size options. Simply choose the height and width of the custom square stickers on the size list, or enter the same square sticker size you want.