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Custom Die Cut Stickers Printing

Personalized Die Cut Stickers

What are Die Cut Stickers?

Die cut stickers are accurate cutting according to the design shape. Custom die cutting stickers shape is not limited and die cut according to customer needs. Our die cut stickers are single format.

Quality Die Cutting Stickers Materials

Our die cut stickers are made of advanced vinyl raw materials and advanced printed technology, which are not only waterproof and oil proof, but also weather and scratch-resistant. The die cut custom stickers can glue a smooth surface for a long time.

Die Cut Stickers for Any Occasion

Not limited by shape and size die-cut stickers can show a variety of complex cutting styles. Customized die cut stickers can promote business, spread information, and show your personalized world. We make die-cutting stickers for any purpose and occasion.

How are Die Cut Stickers Made?

Die cut sticker is composed of five parts, namely the protective layer, printing layer, background layer, adhesive layer, and backing layer.

● Protective Layer

The top surface can protect the sticker anti-fading, waterproof.

● Printing Layer

The printed ink pattern is fresh and clear in color.

● Background Layer

The base color of stickers create the required color layer.

● Adhesive Layer

Permanent paste and removable paste two types of applications.

● Backing Layer

Loss of adhesion of adhesive for protective stickers.

How are Die Cut Stickers Made?

Special Materials Printing

kraft paper stickers

Kraft Paper Stickers

Holographic stickers

Holographic Stickers

Fluorscent stickers

Fluorescent Stickers

Foil stickers

Foil Stickers

pearlescent stickers

Pearlescent Stickers

Metallic stickers

Metallic Stickers

Die Cut Stickers VS Kiss Cut Stickers

Die Cut Stickers

Die Cut Stickers

● The backing shape and the sticker are exactly the same.

● Precise cutting, not limited by shape, less white space.

● Easy to use, don't worry about the sticker tearing.

Kiss Cut Stickers

Kiss Cut Stickers

● There is more white space around the sticker pattern.

● Easy to stack and store, not easy to break during transportation.

● Be extra careful when removing the sticker.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the minimum order required for the custom die cut stickers?

    A: never sets the minimum order request for the custom made die cut stickers. You can buy our custom die cut stickers no minimum without worrying about waste.

  • Q: Can I upload my own custom die cut sticker design?

    A: Sure, you only need to upload your own artwork for custom stickers die cut in our convenient customization system.

  • Q: What are the advantages of your custom die cut stickers?

    A: Our customized die cut stickers have a film to protect the artwork, so you don’t have to worry about scratches or stains affecting the die cut stickers themselves. We produce high-quality, full-color printed custom die cut stickers that can be used indoors and outdoors. Then, the print die cut sticker has two options of beautiful gloss & elegant matte finishes.

  • Q: Is the price of your custom die cut stickers guaranteed?

    A: Yes, of course. The price and quality of our die cut custom stickers are all guaranteed. Moreover, all personalized die cut stickers are sold at low factory-direct prices.

  • Q: If I need a batch of customized die cut stickers urgently, can you arrange an urgent order for me?

    A: Of course, our factory in the United States can arrange all sticker urgent orders for you.

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David Wickizer
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Custom Stickers

Fast and easy ordering process. I hope the rest of the process will be great, too!

July 27, 2021

Jackson Holly
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Customer 1

Custom Stickers


July 27, 2021

Finman Marylee
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Customer 1

Custom Stickers

Everyone at GS-JJ is so great! I love the ease of the website and how responsive they are. Working with Judy was a pleasure! Will definitely recommend them to others and be a repeat shopper!

July 23, 2021