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Custom Kiss Cut Stickers, Showing Infinite Possibilities

Custom Kiss Cut Stickers

Using custom kiss cut stickers is an excellent way to improve your brand and increase your publicity quickly & efficiently. Customized kiss cut stickers are exquisite and versatile. Since the backings of custom kiss cut stickers are larger than the sticker itself, the stickers are easy to display, stack, and transport.

You can choose your matte or glossy vinyl for your personalized kiss cut stickers. Whether it is a single sheet of paper or a whole roll, we can arrange custom kiss cut stickers exactly according to your desired shape, size, and direction. Our custom kiss cut stickers and can be used indoors and outdoors, and with an outdoor life of up to 4 years. allows you to design and create the exclusive custom kiss cut stickers you want online easily. No matter what shape, size, and design of custom kiss cut stickers, we can create amazingly perfect custom kiss cut stickers for you. High-quality raw materials and superb cutting technology will ensure that your customized kiss cut stickers are exquisite and durable.

How to Make Kiss Cut Stickers?


Demand for

Follow the step-by-step instructions to select the surface effect, delivery date, shape, size, and other options of the kiss cut sticker.



You can upload your own artwork or directly use our convenient online system to design easily. We offer exquisite sticker templates and elements for free.



Regarding the design draft, customers can choose to check the design draft. Of course, you can also choose not to check the design draft and directly produce stickers.


Production and

Start printing your custom kiss cut stickers, arrange the quality inspection and ship your personalized kiss cut stickers for free.

Kiss Cut Stickers VS Die Cut Stickers

kiss cut vs die cut

Kiss Cut Stickers

  • The complete backing will protect the sticker during transportation.

  • Brand name, website, etc. can be printed around the sticker.

  • More suitable for complex sticker design.

Die Cut Stickers

  • The backing can be cut into the exact shape you need.

  • Less white space, easy to see the appearance of the sticker.

  • Lower cost, because there are fewer cuts per sticker.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I design my kiss cut stickers online?+

    A: Yes, we provide an easy-to-use sticker online design system for free so that you can create your own kiss cut stickers anytime; anywhere. You can upload your logo or image, change the sticker shape, resize the kiss cut sticker, add text or elements at ease. Trust us, you will love our convenient online sticker design system then.
  • Q: Will you provide me with kiss cut sticker artwork for verification?+

    A: You can choose to check the artwork and you can also choose not to check the sticker artwork and we will arrange the sticker production directly.
  • Q: Can I just buy one customized kiss cut sticker?+

    A: Of course, provides you with kiss cut stickers no minimum.
  • Q: How do I maintain my personalized kiss cut stickers?+

    A: Please use a soft, clean, and dry cloth to wipe the dust or dirt off the kiss cut stickers gently.
  • Q: How much blank border is appropriate between the edge of the kiss cut sticker and the cutting line?+

    A: Our suggestion is to reserve approximately 0.25 inches of blank space for your custom kiss cut stickers. Because in this way, the kiss cut sticker is not easily damaged.

Why Choose Kiss Cut Stickers from CustomSticker?

Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant

All of our custom kiss cut stickers are made from the finest vinyl versatile materials that can withstand most weather conditions, especially rainy and high humidity weather.

Easy to Peel

Easy To Peel

Kiss cut sticker sheets are slightly surface-cut. And the edges of the cuts are not sticky to the edges of the base paper with seamlessly joined that allowing the user to easily peel off the backing material. It is suitable for customers who need to quickly strip a lot of stickers.

Protective Stickers

Protective Stickers

If you need to print stickers in batches, custom kiss cut stickers are a good choice. Because this type of stickers is equipped with a large back panel, it means that the smaller one can be well protected, is not easily lost, and is easy to stack or store.

No Minimum Orders

No Minimum Orders

To get kiss cut stickers with no minimum, Customsticker is your best option. You can place a small kiss cut sticker order with fast air transportation to ensure on time delivery to every customer.

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