Customized Rectangle Stickers

CustomSticker Makes Each Rectangle Sticker Unique

Customized Rectangle Stickers
Rectangle Stickers that Meet Your Needs
Need to customize some exquisite rectangle stickers for your brand or event? Different sizes of rectangle stickers can meet your needs for various designs. The vertical or horizontal format of rectangle stickers can provide the largest space for your design.

Quality Personalized Rectangle Stickers
Customsticker's thick, durable vinyl rectangle stickers are weatherproof, tear-resistant, and sun-proof. Personalized rectangle stickers are available with additional smooth or matte coating, rounded corners, or common square corners. Find fresh inspiration from CustomSticker, and start creating your own rectangle stickers now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What are the design methods for your custom rectangle stickers?
    A: You have two options for rectangle sticker designing: first, use our sticker design system to choose templates and prototypes for your design; second, share your ideas for the rectangular sticker you want to design with us, and our designers will provide you with a free design.
  • Q: How do I choose the material of the rectangle stickers?
    A: Our rectangular stickers are typically printed on white vinyl material. If you would like to use special materials, you can also choose our holographic stickers, transparent stickers, and more.
  • Q: Is there any rectangle sticker templates on your website for me to use?
    A: Certainly, our website features a professional sticker design system with a variety of shapes and themes for sticker templates. All templates and elements are available for free use and design.
  • Q: Do you request the minimum order quantity for customized rectangle stickers?
    A: Our rectangular stickers have a minimum order quantity of one, as we are a factory-direct supplier. However, we recommend customers to consider bulk customization, as it can be more cost-effective.
  • Q: Will your brand's trademark appear on my customized rectangle stickers?
    A: Absolutely not. Our stickers are customized according to your requirements, and there won't be our logo on the stickers unless you have a specific request.