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Economical & Creative Sticker Sheets

Custom Book Sticker Sheets

Contain Multiple Designs

There are many types of sticker designs, and you don’t know how to choose? Then custom sticker sheets with a wide range of applications will be the best choice! We can arrange sticker sheet printing for you by displaying various exquisite stickers on the same sticker sheet.

100% Customization

The shape and size of each sticker can be changed, which is very suitable for collecting stickers of the same theme on a sticker sheet. The sticker paper can be printed in full color and bleed completely. Free template, 100% customization, why not start to create your own sticker sheets now?

Features of Custom Sticker Sheets

Custom Kent State Sticker Sheets
Same or multiple designs

Same or multiple designs

It can be the same design or multiple designs on one page.

Made into any size and shape

Made into any size and shape

Each sticker can be made into any size, any shape.

Easy to store

Easy to store

Can be placed flat, easy to store and transport.

Easy to peel

Easy to peel

Easy to peel, removable, no residue.



Waterproof, oil-proof and sun-proof.

Custom Kent State Sticker Sheets

Special Materials Printing

kraft paper stickers

Kraft Paper Stickers

Holographic stickers

Holographic Stickers

Fluorscent stickers

Fluorescent Stickers

Foil stickers

Foil Stickers

pearlescent stickers

Pearlescent Stickers

Metallic stickers

Metallic Stickers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How to upload multiple different images when ordering custom sticker sheets?

    A: When ordering sticker sheets, please upload an artwork which shows all of image, we will print it for you.

  • Q:  Can you print on the background of my sticker sheets?

    A: Yes, we can print in full color on the background of the sticker sheet.

  • Q: How do you arrange the layout of my custom sticker sheet?

    A: We usually make a reasonable layout according to the comparison size of your stickers. We will display the most stickers on the sticker sheets, and ensure the beauty of the panel. Of course, you can also arrange the layout of your custom sticker sheet by yourself.

  • Q: Regarding my personalized sticker sheets, can I design each sticker into a different shape?

    A: Yes, you can choose any shape of sticker combination on your sticker sheets. This means unlimited creativity, each sticker will have a unique size and shape!

  • Q: What is the minimum order quantity of custom sticker sheets?

    A: The minimum quantity is 1 sheet. But please note that the larger the order quantity, the lower the unit price of your sticker sheets, because if you buy them in bulk, the price will be more cost-effective.

Why Choose Sticker Sheets from CustomSticker?

Various Design on One Sheet

Various Design on One Sheet

Adding different shapes and sizes of stickers on a sheet is possible if you choose vinyl sticker sheets. You can choose the layout and the size of the sheets as well.

Impeccable Printing

Impeccable Printing

With our advanced printing technology, we ensure every detail of our sticker sheets can endure the test of time. Full-color printing makes the surface smooth and glossy fade-resistant.

Low Price Guaranteed

Low Price Guaranteed

Combining small stickers into one sticker sheet actually saves money because there is no individual setup fee for each sticker. Plus, there are discounts as low as 30%!

100% Made in the USA

100% Made in the USA

Printable sticker sheets manufactured in the USA mean high quality and the lead time is the shortest. Buy theme sticker sheets like fun sticker sheets here, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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