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Custom Transfer Stickers Printed

Custom Rebellionz Transfer Stickers

What are Transfer Stickers?

Transfer stickers can transfer patterns or words to the surface of objects when pasting. Custom transfer stickers can be used for any purpose, but they have higher requirements for the paste position. The pasted object usually needs a flat and smooth surface. The transferable stickers are made from vinyl material, which has a service life of three years at least.

Composition of Transfer Stickers

The transfer stickers can be divided into three different parts that are paper backing, vinyl sticker, and transfer tape. The transfer tape allows you to add your stickers to the place where you want without background and borders.

How to Use the Transfer Stickers?




Transfer stickers peel off the paper backing (the bottom layer).
Peel off the backing of transfer stickers




Take the transfer tape and put it on the surface of the objects.
Put on the transfer stickers




Press down the tape till the sticker has been transferred to the surface of the objects completely.
Press the transfer stickers




Peel the transfer tape, and the sticker will appear on objects without extra edges.
Peel the tape of transfer stickers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I design the custom transfer stickers?

    A: Of course. You can give our designers your design drawing. Or you can use our online design system to make your own transfer stickers.

  • Q: How many colors do you provide for the transfer stickers?

    A: We can provide all colors as per customers’ requests. You only need to ensure the color you select is right.

  • Q: Is the transfer sticker waterproof?

    A: Yes, the material of the transfer sticker provides protection against extreme weather like wind and rain. The transfer sticker is accessible for indoor or outdoor uses.

  • Q: What surfaces do transfer stickers apply to?

    A: Our transfer stickers can be used to adhere to flat & smooth surfaces. For example, glass, paper, windows, mirrors, metal, and other smooth surfaces. Also, please note that transfer stickers are not suitable for adhesion to a textured surface.

  • Q: Why do my transfer stickers have the crease in them?

    A: It is a common thing for stickers to have creases during shipping. It is easy to fix that you can pull the transfer tape away from the backing across custom transfer decals about halfway. Replace it slowly, smooth this area out from the middle of the transfer sticker with your hands, and then repeat the same operation on the other side of the sticker.

  • Q: What is the difference between outside and indoor stickers?

    A: The most significant difference between outdoor and outdoor stickers is the location covered by adhesive. The adhesive for outdoor stickers is on the back, while the adhesive for indoor stickers covers the pattern, which is usually cut in reverse.

Why Choose Transfer Stickers from CustomSticker?

Perfect Message Presentation

Perfect Message Presentation

Custom made transfer stickers are perfect for displaying your logo or other information you want to show on a glass surface like the business front window. Grasp passers’ attention with no effort.

Easy To Apply and Remove

Easy To Apply and Remove

Custom vinyl transfer stickers are transferred to the intended place through a transfer tape. It is very convenient to apply. Once removed, rest assured that there is no sticking glue left.

Unbeatable Quality

Unbeatable Quality

As an inexpensive promotional and entertaining tool, vinyl transfer stickers have supreme quality. Among all the catalogs of custom stickers, transfer stickers indeed have a unique design.

Impeccable Shopping Experience

Impeccable Shopping Experience

We gave at least three options to place a sticker order, including the design on your own, or directly contact us. Besides, we offer free shipping and fast turnaround to all clients.

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