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Make Money Online Easier
Affiliate Program

Make Money Online Easier is a fast-growing custom sticker printing manufacturer, with a wide range of products including custom stickers, labels, buttons, and magnets. As our business travels around the world, we have top quality products as well as the best service.

At present, with the development of the business and market, we are now looking for qualified affiliates who want to partner with us to promote our custom items and drive customers to our websites to make sales, which will generate mutual benefits between us.

Make Money Online Easier

Start Earning Commissions in 4 Easy Steps!

Set an Account as a Publisher

Choose your favorite affiliate platform to sign up. Fill in profile details based on the popup steps. The verification from the official websites takes around 1 to 3 days.

Apply to Our Affiliate Program

You will be sent an email from our affiliate team to inform you whether your application’s approved or not, which takes 24 hours at most.

Start Promoting in Your Way

Several types of materials, text link, banner, HTML, video, etc, will be available in our program. Just choose the proper ones to insert into your websites or blogs to start the promotion.

Earn Commissions from Orders

If someone clicks the affiliate links from your end to our websites and also places valid orders within cook time, you will be paid up to 10% commissions from all purchases.

What can I Get As an Affiliate?


Up to 10% Commission Rate

At, the average order amount is $89.03 with a 42% conversion rate. We will provide the affiliate with up to 10% of sales revenue based on the CPS model. Incentive commission plans will also be available for outstanding promoting performance or a large number of sales.

10% commission rate
5 Creatives for Different Affiliates

5+ Creatives for Different Affiliates

To smooth your promotion, different kinds of creatives are provided. You can choose the text links, banners, datafeed, and even videos. The most popular creative is that Deals and Coupons will be available, which always attracts large traffic from the consumers.


A Win-Win Strategy in Our Program

From the cooperation, our products or websites will be displayed in more ways through your promotion. In return, your business will be enriched and you will get paid as well. Your customers will enjoy free shipping, free artwork and 10% off on your first order.

A Win Win Strategy in Our Program
Low cost Price and One stop Service for Customers

Low-cost Price and One-stop Service for Customers

Besides superior quality products, we try our best to supply the best service to our customers. The review and customer ratings are up to 4.9 stars out of 5 with 5000+ comments. Moreover, we also have a large number of regular customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I apply to your affiliate program?
    A: The Customsticker affiliate program are hosted on Awin and ShareASale, and both of them are the most trending, popular and reliable affiliate platforms. Before applying to our affiliate program, you must be approved as an affiliate/publisher in the platform. Once you are approved as a publisher, you can apply here.
  • Q: How much commission can I earn?
    A: It depends on you. More sales, more commission here. Up to 10% commission based on your sales and extra bonus here.
  • Q: Are websites outside of America eligible for your affiliate program?
    A: Yes. We are excited to accept applications worldwide because we can ship our products anywhere. But notice that our website is mainly on the U.S. site, your customers must pay it in US dollars.
  • Q: Can I promote on lots of websites?
    A: Of course you can. You can promote it on more than one website by many types of creatives, such as text links, banners, data feeds, videos, etc. In this way that you can get more exposures and have much chance to make sales. And moreover, you can get a higher commission.
  • Q: Should I pay it to join your affiliate program?
    A: No, you shouldn’t. Free of charge here.
  • Q: I don’t have any websites. Can I still apply?
    A: Yes, you can. If you have a social medium or email influencer, please apply to join our program and we will review it to determine whether you are suitable for our affiliate program.
  • Q: Do I earn commissions on my own purchases?
    A: Of course you can. When you buy our products, you will get the same commission.
  • Q: What are my responsibilities?
    A: What you should do is to place links on your website and the remaining things to us!
  • Q: If you haven’t tracked my order, what should I do?
    A: Don’t worry! You can apply it and we will confirm it if the order is from you.

Interested in Becoming a Customsticker Affiliate? is professional and excellent in producing customized stickers, labels, buttons and magnets. One-stop service attracts more people to customize here. To create more win-win benefits, we are expecting your participation in our affiliate program.