Our Fashion Item – Custom Buttons

Our sticker products are introduced all the time, but button products may not be well known to you. So, for all customers to have a better understanding of our buttons, here is a summary of some information about our custom buttons. Now let’s get straight to the point.

Buttons are a kind of decoration that can be attached to your bag, clothes, tie, and other places. The usual choice on the back of a button is the standard pin. The standard pin back is easy to use, simple and beautiful. Buttons are as versatile as stickers and last longer than stickers because they can be recycled. Buttons are highly visible and wearable items that can be used for political campaigns, commercial publicity, artistic creation, education, personal use, and more.

People love these custom buttons because they make ordinary objects more unique and can send signals to people around them. Why would I say that? First, there are many companies that use the various advantages of buttons for their enterprises to promote their business. Companies can turn a blank button into a tool to win customers for themselves by printing their information on a button.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Recently, pins have been considered accessories for fashion as well, with fashion influencers matching a pin to their nail type.  For example, those who have almond nails may end up wearing a pin of the same color or with a pin matching the same theme.

When I buy a backpack, the store will usually send me a button, which I can pin on my backpack, which not only attracts more customers for business but also makes customers’ backpacks more distinctive. Secondly, buttons can be displayed to the people around you, because you can use them on your clothes. If you are organizing a volunteer activity, why not use some buttons to show your identity? Any information or design can be printed on buttons, and you can think of buttons as fashion items or promotional tools. Because buttons are what people like to use, no matter what information you print, these custom buttons are an ornament.

What shape do our buttons have? If you click on Customsticker.com you will find that we have rectangular buttons, oval buttons, square buttons, and circle buttons, all of which are the most popular types of buttons on the market. The most common of these four shapes is the circle button because the circle button can be used with anything, and the circle button is printed with a pattern. The shape of the oval button is suitable for printing patterns and text combination design because it has enough space to arrange the design content. Rectangular buttons can be customized vertically or horizontally, it can print a lot of information, perfect for commercial promotion. Square buttons can be printed with logos or simple text, and you can use square buttons for all kinds of activities.

If you need custom buttons for decoration or promotion, customsticker.com provides you with a variety of high-quality buttons. All our buttons are printed in full color, and the images we print are guaranteed clarity. We have a free custom system for customers to design buttons and upload their artwork to complete your buttons. Order custom buttons no minimum are available on customsticker.com, email us at info@GS-JJ.com or call us at 18665734920 to get more information about custom buttons.

Changing Your Laptop Skin with Laptop Stickers

Does your laptop look ordinary? Do you want your laptop to look more interesting? If your answer is yes, join me in discovering more interesting laptop stickers!

The laptop sticker will make my laptop more attractive and make me look more interesting. When I hold my computer to work or study, people around me can see my computer, they may pay attention to my computer style. One interesting thing is that once when I was studying in the library with my laptop, a girl came up to me and said that she thought my laptop stickers were funny and she wanted to make friends with me. At first, I was a little surprised, then I talked to her and she said she thought I was an interesting person. Buying a laptop sticker was a really smart decision. I got a friend, and now we often go shopping together.

How do you find people who have the same hobbies? I have to say you will find more friends with similar interests through laptop stickers. The reason I bought the laptop stickers was that I saw the astronomy society member using the laptop sticker, and I thought it was so interesting that I bought my favorite laptop sticker. Later, I learned that it was a team logo of their club. The laptop sticker was designed to attract more astronomy lovers to join their club. This works because more than twenty students have joined their club.













It’s not just matching outfits that show you affection. Laptop stickers can also show you affection. It’s a unique way to show off your relationship on your laptop. Wearing a couple’s outfit is something that many couples do, so it looks boring. But the laptop sticker is different because the laptop sticker can be self-designed and sticking this custom sticker on your laptop can make someone else feel the love between the two of you.











How to choose laptop stickers for boys and girls? Boys can choose darker colors for their stickers, which are more cool and personalized.  Boys can choose to hobby laptop stickers, or movies, anime and other series of stickers. Girls can choose from a variety of cute or cool stickers. There is no limit to the color. You can choose any color you like.

I bought my sticker from Customsticker.com, a company that specializes in making stickers. The stickers from Customsticker.com proved to be of good quality and inexpensive. What’s more, the sticker is a removable adhesive that you can easily remove from your laptop. So, for you to better protect your laptop’s surface, it’s a good idea to choose removable vinyl stickers. Ordering Customsticker.com custom stickers by calling 18665734920 or email at info@GS-JJ.com.

Custom Stickers or Premade Stickers – Which One is Better for You?

Last week, I bought the clothes I bought at Gap and a colleague of mine outfit clash with me. I felt very embarrassed and unhappy. I don’t like the outfit clash, but I can’t avoid it. It bothers me. I’m sure most of you have had this experience, and if you want to be more unique in your clothes, it’s a good idea to learn how to match clothes. But if you want to be more unique and personalized in other aspects, is very simple, such as stickers. There is no shortage of suppliers and different types of stickers in the market, but these stickers are premade stickers and are mass-produced for customers to choose from. In other words, these stickers are plain, generic stickers. Another completely different kind of sticker is custom stickers. Custom stickers are unique and have personality. These two kinds of stickers have unique advantages, how to make the best choice between them? Read on and you’ll know why.

How do you position your needs?

Buying any product is based on your needs, so your needs are a direct factor in deciding which sticker to choose. There are some of the cases I think of choosing pre-made stickers.

Some people buy stickers just for fun, so regular pre-made stickers are a good choice.

Specific brand logo stickers are not too different, if you need a brand logo sticker, you can buy pre-made stickers.

I like to pursue individuality, so custom stickers are better for me. Just like my wallpaper, I designed by myself using a custom system of Customsticker.com. I blend in my own style, simple and personal. Custom stickers are especially important for businesses, which sell different products in different ways. If businesses all choose the same sticker, they will lose competitiveness. Therefore, custom stickers are the first choice in business.

Advantages of custom stickers and premade stickers

Premade Stickers

Pre-made stickers are easier to get and there is no print quantity requirement. You can buy individual or multiple stickers.

Pre-made stickers cost less because mass production saves a lot of money.

Premade stickers have a wide variety of styles and a wider selection of customers.

Custom Stickers

The biggest characteristic of custom made stickers is their uniqueness and individuality. The most important thing is that you can design according to your own needs.

Another attractive advantage of custom stickers is their high quality. This is especially important for quality-oriented customers because the stickers you choose to customize will be confirmed by the customer after they are designed and manufactured.

Another great thing about custom stickers is that they are designed exactly the way you want them to be. Stickers are usually printed with a minimum order of 100, but there is no limit to the number of choices.

I don’t know what stickers you will choose, but I like custom made stickers because they are so unique. If you want to order high-quality custom stickers like me, then you really should come to customsticker.com, because these guys have their own custom systems and free design teams, and it’s really convenient to work with them. Their phone number is 18665734920. If you prefer email contact, their email address is info@GS-JJ.com.

Choose the Right Material for your Sticker

When we browse through the stickers, all kinds of stickers appear in our eyes. What’s the difference in the materials of these stickers? That’s the biggest question. Now I can get your question answered. The most common material for a sticker is vinyl, but there are finer distinctions. In addition to the sticker materials, we also need to consider adhesives, there are also a variety of adhesives for you to choose from. So how to choose the right sticker materials is what we need to consider when buying custom stickers.

Sometimes we see the sticker color is very bright, the feeling is very attractive. This is made of glossy vinyl. Glossy vinyl makes your stickers look brighter and more attractive. This type of material is usually used to make signs that require special prompts, such as warning signs because it can make others pay more attention to the prompt. Our glossy vinyl materials have permanent adhesives and removable adhesives to choose from and can be attached to any smooth, flat surface. In addition, you don’t have to worry about bubbles when using our glossy vinyl. Our glossy vinyl USES bubble-free air exit technology to make your operation easier. If you’re looking for attractive custom stickers, go for glossy vinyl.

The opposite of gloss is matte vinyl. Matte vinyl does not have a bright color appearance, but it has a higher texture. Matte vinyl will make your stickers look high grade. If you’re choosing vinyl stickers for your business, opt for matte vinyl. This material is suitable for any sticker and is one of the most popular materials in our company. If you don’t know which material to choose, matte vinyl is always a good choice. Matte vinyl also has a choice of two adhesives, perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

What is the material of the clear vinyl stickers? It’s also vinyl, but it’s clear vinyl. Our clear vinyl material does not have any white or colored background, it is completely clear, so this clear sticker is often used on the glass because it is more suitable for clear materials and can better convey information.  The front adhesive sticker is also made of clear vinyl. Our clear vinyl is also printed in white ink and coated with UV coating to give wear resistance and waterproof durability.

Our vinyl materials have two surfaces to choose from, gloss and matte. Choose a suitable surface according to your own needs. Sticker adhesives have a choice of permanent adhesives and removable adhesives, depending on how long you use them and where you use them. For car stickers and laptop stickers, I recommend choosing removable adhesives because you can change them at any time without damaging the surface. If it is used outdoors for a long time, then there is no doubt that choose permanent adhesive. Our stickers are waterproof and UV resistant, both indoor and outdoor. If you want to order our custom stickers, you can call 18665734920 or email info@GS-JJ.com.



Where to Get Custom Stickers Made?

When you want to buy custom stickers for a variety of reasons, the first option that comes to mind is to find a company on Google that you feel is reliable enough to buy custom stickers from. However, considering the quality, price, design, and technology how can you be sure that the stickers you buy are what you need? For these reasons, I highly recommend customsticker.com, a company that specializes in printing stickers. Here are some advantages of our company that you may want to know.


Quality is the foundation of a company’s success or failure. Good quality tends to attract more customers, so our products are subject to strict inspection in terms of quality. Our custom-made stickers are made of premium vinyl materials with matte and gloss to choose from. All stickers have a film on the outside of the design to enhance the waterproof, oil-proof and UV protection of the stickers, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The adhesive chosen for the sticker is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and children can use it.


Good price is also a big reason to attract customers, our company has its own factory to produce stickers, and all stickers are factory direct price, no middleman. We have many free services for customers, the most common are free shipping and free customization, under which you can order custom stickers no minimum at customsticker.com. In addition, we have many holiday discounts for customers, and the more you buy, the better the price will be. If you want to buy a large number of stickers, trust me, you will get the best price in our company.


Design is a major factor in how good a sticker is, and perfect design will make the sticker look beautiful. Sometimes you may want to use your creativity to design a unique sticker, but there are no design tools. Or maybe you don’t want to design it by yourself because it takes too much time and effort. All these are not a problem in customsticker.com, because we have a professional design team and a convenient custom system. Our design team has a rich design experience and can present your design perfectly. Our customized system is not only easy to operate but also has rich elements for customers to choose from. You can customize personalized vinyl stickers the way you want.


As a company with more than ten years of experience in printing stickers, we have great advantages in equipment and talents. Our equipment purchase is the world’s most advanced printing equipment, and our staff is experienced, very professional. In technology, we have many kinds of technology for customers to choose from.

If you are wondering where to get custom stickers made. Customsticker.com is an ideal choice. Our company has a great advantage in all aspects. Browse customsticker.com for more information. If you have any needs, please email info@GS-JJ.com or call 1-866-573-4920.




The Secret to Making Your Christmas More Festive

Is anyone as excited as I am about the coming Christmas? But at the same time, I need to think about how to make the family festival atmosphere stronger. I know that the decorations usually include the Christmas tree, Santa Claus and elk. The Christmas festive food is Turkey, and presents are prepared for friends and family, all of which are things that people do on Christmas day. If you want a more festive atmosphere, you can take a look at these tips and get ready for Christmas.










Add more elements to walls, refrigerators, and gift boxes. Yes, you can use individual Christmas-themed stickers on your walls or use Christmas-themed wall graphics. Stickers are amazing, just stick them in a few places and your Christmas spirit will instantly become more fun and stronger. For families with young children, the stickers will also attract their attention and stimulate their curiosity. Putting a sticker on the gift box or in the gift box will make your friends or family feel warm. They’ll think you’re sweet.









The color choice of Christmas also is very important, Christmas is a romantic and sweet holiday, thematic color suits to match with red, dark green. Home adornment can be in the home according to oneself tonal, choose the advocate color that suits collocation.

The sitting room is the place that enters the home to see first, also be the best place that spends Christmas together with family and friends. Choose a Christmas tree to be placed in the living room, and buy some Christmas decorations such as small gifts under the Christmas tree. Besides, you can buy some small Christmas tree next to the TV cabinet.

Christmas is coming and stores usually have promotions or discounts. How to deliver this message to customers? The answer is window stickers, which are like a display platform that tells customers information. Businesses will usually customize this information into custom stickers and put them on the Windows to tell customers that we have an activity. Even if it’s not on sale, discount stores will put Christmas themed stickers in their Windows. Just as we create a Christmas atmosphere in our homes, stores use this decoration to attract more customers.






Use a few tricks to make your Christmas atmosphere more inviting. Christmas-themed stickers are custom stickers that you can customize or design by yourself. Custom made stickers can add atmosphere to any event. If you want your Christmas to be more festive, it’s a good idea to buy some Christmas-themed stickers.

Customsticker.com is a professional manufacturer of customized stickers. We have a professional design team and a simple customized system. Now email our customer service at info@GS-JJ.com to buy custom Christmas-themed stickers in preparation for your Christmas.