How to Start A Successful Online Business

If you are someone seeking how to make stickers to sell on Etsy or have a unique online business idea you would like to launch, then stick around for a bit. Overall, it is very possible to establish a successful business online and sell products at a scale that is unparalleled to traditional storefront businesses. In fact, e-commerce retail sales are so widely leveraged that the global industry is projected to hit $6.54 trillion by 2022.

But here is the zinger.

The market is flooded with competition. Every successful online business, even Custom Sticker, had to get creative and implement innovations to stand out from the rest. But the path to profitable outcomes all starts with laying the right foundation to build upon. With that being said, if you are still passionate about learning how to make stickers to sell on Esty or have some other entrepreneurial devotion you want to try out, then below is a comprehensive guide to support you in setting up your new online business to obtain competitive dominance and optimal growth.

Why Choose an Online Business?

For starters, why should online business development be considered? Because in this highly technological world, more and more people prefer online shopping for its convenience and diverse selection. It is much more straightforward for someone to add items to virtual carts than drive to a physical store. Being as in demand as it is, even businesses with physical locations have created an online presence to increase sales and reputation. Even if you are operating entirely online, then you can still expect to obtain many advantages, such as:

  • Higher targeted audience reach
  • Easier to showcase products and/or services
  • More access to collaborate with other entrepreneurs
  • Cheap to get started with extremely profitable opportunities
  • You control your income ceiling
  • Ability to work anywhere with an internet
  • Able to express creativity and take pride in what you are doing 

How to Start an Online Business

1. Find Your Niche

The first thing you need to do to start a successful online business is to figure out your niche. Brainstorm and figure out what you want to do, what you are good at, and map out how you can fulfill demand in a society where others in the same industry lack. Once you realize this, it is vital that you stick to the same theme as the product(s) you are selling. Nonetheless, ensure that whatever you are going to be promoting is something you are knowledgeable about, passionate about, and an advocate for long-term. 

2. Establish Your Business Basics

Next, you will want to write out a solid plan for your business. Here you will want to come up with the:

  • brand values
  • pricing
  • shipping and receiving processes
  • Will you do it all yourself or have virtual assistants, partners, etc.?
  • contact information
  • Any disclaimers

Having this data ready to go when you launch your website will make the process a much more seamless one. Please notice that the business name and logo design are not part of this step. The reason is that you should ensure the Esty shop name you pick is available before committing.

3.Choose a Platform

The above business plan is going to take you some time and should never be rushed. But when you get to the point where it is finalized, you can now work on your actual online website. The first step in this sector is picking a platform to build your website from. Popular places you can choose from include Amazon, Esty, and Shopify. However, if you are still in the pursuit of learning how to make stickers to sell on Etsy, then Esty would be your best and most obvious choice. Along with that, Esty is a very customizable platform and only takes a few moments to get set up and going, making it highly favorable for business startups. Just keep in mind that Esty also has a 5% transaction fee to be aware of.

Tip: Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the platform you choose to fully understand how to keep your account in good standing.

4.Choose a Fulfillment Process

Do you want to handle all of the logistics yourself, or would you like to hire out a 3PL to support that for you? There is no right or wrong answer here, but if you want to make the most of your time and focus on business growth, hiring a third-party logistics company may be beneficial in the long run. These professionals take care of all the order processing steps, from pulling the product from inventory, packaging it to shipping it to the customer. All you need to focus on in this regard is keeping the inventory stocked.

Fun Fact: If you decide to branch your business from Shopify or Esty into the Amazon world, Amazon offers its own fulfillment program you can opt-in for as well.

5. Upload Products and Market Like Crazy

Once you nailed down how to make stickers to sell on Etsy and your Esty account is set up, it’s time to fill your store and do so with SEO in mind. Upload your sticker products and ensure they are as captivating and enticing as possible. This means using high-definition photos, pristine SEO product descriptions, competitive pricing, and maybe even throw in a product video in there as well. You want to give your prospective customers a positive shopping experience and complete transparency, so they know exactly what they are getting when ordering from you. Since gaining this traction is going to be tough, leverage the power of marketing to gain exposure. Use SEO and blogging to drive organic traffic, use paid advertising, and take advantage of social media platforms to showcase your brand.

Tip: For the most marketing success, take the proper time to analyze your target market, conduct market research, pick viable marketing strategies, and do continuous competition comparisons so you can position yourself for the best chances of success.

6. Diversity Your Income Stream

As much as you want to give your online business your all, never put all your eggs in one basket. The average successful entrepreneur has seven streams of income, and that is a method worth applying yourself. The best part is you can add new passive income streams to your already existing online business. The most popular way is affiliate marketing. Consider signing up for certain affiliate marketing programs and have links in and about your site to drive more income. Two great ones are ClickBank and Amazon Associates.

7. Prioritize Customer Service

Once you are set up, it’s now time to begin making sales. Sure, you can make sales through marketing organically, but much of how you will thrive comes from your customer service efforts. You will want to address everyone promptly with respect and dignity and offer compassionate support to those who may have questions or inquiries. You are going to be the driver of how your brand image develops, and the best way to make it positive and inviting is by illuminating that in how you treat people. Furthermore, never forget that you will not be able to please everyone. Sometimes you will get a negative review despite how much effort you put in. The best thing you can do is move on from it and don’t let it stop you from still being and doing your best.

Conclusion – Hard Work Pays Off

Establishing an online business within any industry is both exciting and scary. However, performing the same boring 9 to 5 job your whole life is often more terrifying. If complacency and routine are not part of your DNA code, then take a chance at doing what you love. It may not always be easy, but remember that there are helpful resources like Custom Sticker to spearhead your marketing efforts and online business guides such as this one to help you succeed.

In the end, take your time to learn how to make stickers to sell on Etsy and develop an online business that leaves lasting impressions. Discover unique demand gaps that you can fulfill and market continuously to acquire loyal customers and gain insights. Become familiar with SEO, affiliate marketing, blogging, and build your business with a brand identity that others can resonate with. It will take a lot of hard, innovative work, but if you are persistent and genuinely passionate about your new pursuit, then it will all be worth it in the end.