How About Coming To See A Wonderful Sticker Show?

Today, I want to introduce some representative stickers on our website. Therefore, you can regard this blog as a show of some stickers. All you are supposed to do is to appreciate it! Are you ready? Let’s welcome the first sticker!

The first sticker!

Can you guess what type of sticker this sticker represents? Are the stickers of simple style? Indeed, the design and color matching of this sticker are very simple. Nevertheless, it is not the right answer. LOL. This sticker is the representative of die cut sticker! So did you get it right? Some features of die cut sticker are “ Precise cutting, not limited by shape, less white space and so on”. The backing shape of die cut sticker and the sticker are the same. You can see this sticker is cut according to the design shape. Are you clear?

The second sticker!

Is this sticker very beautiful? And is the color matching very harmonious and full of dreamy feelings? The words printed on this sticker are “good vibes”. This sticker is creative. So what type of this sticker represents? I guess some people might get the answer from the last sticker! Yes, this sticker represents kiss cut stickers! The larger backing of kiss cut sticker can protect the sticker during transportation and distribution. Do you expect to know more about kiss cut stickers? Click here!

The third one

As you see, the pattern of this sticker is the Statue of Liberty. As one of the significant symbols of America, the Statue of Liberty is familiar to people. So can you guess what type of sticker it represents? A little hint: it is about the shape. LOL. I guess you have got it! Yes, this sticker is the representative of circular stickers! It is a kind of popular and elegant sticker shape in the sticker world. You can see many stickers which are designed to circular shapes in our daily life. If you expect to know more or customize some circular stickers, click here!

The fourth one

It seems that this sticker is a little different from the stickers above. Can you find the difference? We can see the design of this sticker is a cup of coffee and the text of coffee. So we guess that this sticker is applied in the decoration of a coffee shop. So what is special about this sticker? Yeah, it is a transparent sticker!  Waterproof, weatherproof clear vinyl materials without colorful background are applied in our clear stickers. This sticker is the representative of clear stickers.

The fifth sticker

What do you think as you see the fifth custom sticker? LOL. We can see the text “Let’s rock”. And the style of this sticker is unique. Can you guess what type of stickers this one represents? Maybe you have got the right answer from the text of this sticker. Yeah, it represents the band stickers. If you are a band, do you expect to customize some exquisite band stickers for your band? I think it is a meaningful thing for your band.

Are you tired? LOL. Let’s look at the last sticker! I wonder if this sticker will catch your eyes.

The last sticker

As you see, the design of this sticker is very beautiful. We can see colored flowers, green leaves, and beautiful animals. The color matching of this sticker is very beautiful and eye-catching. We can also see the text of “tropic paradise” printed on this sticker. So can you guess what is this sticker represents? In my opinion, I think this sticker can represent those stickers that are so beautiful. Maybe you have a different opinion. It doesn’t matter. After all, people just have different tastes.

After seeing such stickers, do you ever feel the urge to customize some exquisite stickers? You can choose the shapes of stickers. You can choose the sizes of your custom stickers. Do you expect to enjoy the joy of customization? Contact us now! is an online customized sticker mall. As a manufacturer of stickers, we are professional. We can provide free art designs for our customers! Besides, we can also provide free shipping services for our customers! Visit our website. Come to learn more! We will serve you faithfully! Look forward to your visit!

What’s Missing in Building Your Fascinating Corporate Culture?

Many enterprises want to create their own brands. In fact, if they want to create brands, the construction of corporate culture plays a very important role. The culture of an enterprise will determine how far the enterprise can go and its future development space. Corporate culture can naturally form a cohesive force, centripetal force, and binding force within employees. Forming an indispensable spiritual force for the development of enterprises can make enterprises play a positive role, make enterprise resources get a reasonable allocation, and thus improve the competitiveness of enterprises. What kind of role does corporate culture play in enterprises?

First, corporate culture has a binding effect.

Corporate culture itself has a normative role, and corporate culture norms include moral norms, behavioral norms, and first norms. When the corporate culture rises to a certain height, this norm becomes an invisible binding force. It makes employees understand what they shouldn’t and can’t do in their behaviors, which is the result of the “soft” restraint function played by corporate culture. Through these soft constraints, employees’ consciousness, enthusiasm, initiative, and self-restraint can be improved, so that employees can make realize their work significance and working methods, thus improving their sense of responsibility and mission.

Second, corporate culture has an incentive effect.

Excellent corporate culture virtually plays an inspiring role for employees. The cultural atmosphere and value orientation formed by enterprise culture is a kind of spiritual encouragement, which can mobilize and stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of employees, induce people’s potential wisdom, make employees’ abilities develop in an all-round way, and enhance the overall execution of enterprises.

Third, corporate culture has a competitive effect.

A good corporate culture can drive the healthy development of enterprises. The enthusiasm of employees is mobilized, which will make them work more enthusiastically, improve production efficiency and inject new strength into the enterprise.

Today I’m going to introduce a low-cost but effective way to build a corporate culture. That is wall stickers.

1. Logo Wall Stickers

If you are running a small company, you must know that the biggest problem for small businesses and start-ups are team building, brain drain, and a sense of belonging. A perfect brand building can make employees who follow the enterprise have a sense of belonging and mission. I’m not talking about nonsense. My clients have done research before: The improved Logo makes employees more willing to stay in the office than the original ugly Logo. This is why our country and organization always have a sign to make people feel a sense of belonging.

2. Team Wall Stickers

Unity and cooperation are the foundation of the success of all undertakings. Only by relying on the strength of unity can individuals and collectives combine their wishes with the goals of the team, transcend the limitations of individuals and play the role of collective cooperation. For every employee, unity is a virtue and a responsibility. If every employee can remember through the stickers posted on the wall: take others’ strengths, make up for their own weaknesses, put personal interests behind them, and put the interests of the company first, then the development speed and level of the company will surely reach a new level.

3. Inspirational Wall Stickers

Innovation is the best guarantee for enterprises. Through innovation, your products may be better than competitors (product innovation); You may be closer to the consumers than your competitors (marketing innovation); You may make consumers buy goods faster (production, logistics innovation), more convenient (channel innovation) and cheaper (cost leadership through innovation); You are more efficient than your competitors (organizational structure innovation); You have a better understanding of the company’s strategy (finance, innovation in strategic thinking) and so on. So how do you keep your company innovative? Let’s start by transforming the office environment we have to face every day. With motivational and inspirational wall stickers on the surrounding walls, employees are imperceptibly immersed in an innovative environment.

The office of a company is not only a gathering place for members of the company but also a place for various reception and publicity activities. Office culture is the embodiment of the company culture, bearing the task of condensing the minds of employees internally and publicizing the company’s cultural concepts and business purposes externally. Therefore, appropriate publicity slogans or logo stickers in the office can effectively display the company’s culture and enhance the overall image and taste of the company.

Choosing Customsticker. com to customize stickers for your office is surely a wonderful choice. As a customization company that stands out among many customization merchants, we follow three principles: 1. We provide you with simple and convenient design services. 2. We provide a reliable guarantee for the quality of our products. 3. Customers always have the highest voice. 4. We make our best contribution to society. If you want to find out more information about, please click to visit!

How to Interpret Your Love with Exclusive Custom Stickers?

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People all have emotions. When we feel happy, we may smile. When we meet with difficulties, we may be unhappy or upset. When we love somebody, probably we can’t help treating him or her nicely.

We are just like a drop in the sea, but we still love our life. Life is beautiful, we should enjoy it. Do you know that stickers can add spice to our life? Yes, the sticker is a good way to show our emotions, interest, and attitude.

Expressions of Affection

 In our life journey, I believe we will meet the one we love one day. Because of love, we know we are not alone. Because of love, we know that probably sometimes we love others more than ourselves. Love is a beautiful thing and everyone is deserved to be loved.

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Do you know the most romantic Chinese traditional festival? The 7th day of the 7th lunar month in China is called The Double Seventh Festival. It is regarded as Chinese Valentine’s Day. When it comes to this festival, there is a story about the Cowboy and the Weaver Girl. If you have an interest in Chinese culture, you can learn more.

On Valentine’s Day, it is a wonderful thing for lovers to prepare gifts for each other. You can write a sincere festival card to your lover or send a gift to him or her. If you can customize some exclusive love stickers for your gifts. I think the gifts will be more perfect. You can stick the stickers you customized on the gift boxes or your festival card.

In this way, your lover can deeply feel your heart. You can add the element of your anniversary of love, the names of both of you, the pet names of yours, and so on in the design of your custom stickers. These stickers will become a beautiful memory of your sincere love. If you are wooing a girl, the custom sticker is also a good choice for you. You may be shy to show your affection. Why not put the words you want to say in the design of custom stickers. Then, put these stickers on the gift boxes you prepared or your sincere festival cards.

Expressions of Kinship

If you ask me what is the greatest love in the world. I won’t hesitate to say the love of parents. The love from parents is not striving for repayment. Their love for us is their instincts.

In many people’s hearts, are moms like superwomen? They can still make delicious food after a busy at work or housework. When our fathers are not at home, they are just like fathers to protect us. When you feel bad, they can easily feel your emotion and comfort you, and encourage you. Perhaps sometimes they are not such considerate. They will scold us and misunderstand us. However, they just hope we can lead a happy life. You can customize some stickers for your mother. You can add your love for your mother to the design of the sticker, such as the words you want to tell your mother, your best wishes for your mother, and so on. These stickers can be affixed on the gift box which holds the gift for your mother. Or if you are a mother, you can stick it on your laptop to encourage yourself to be a strong mother!

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Fathers are also crucial characters in our life. They may be not as gentle as moms. But they also love us in their own manner. As the breadwinners of families, fathers are always very busy. They want us to live comfortably. On Fathers Day, we can prepare some gifts with exquisite gift boxes. The gifts we prepare don’t have to be expensive. They realize that you learn to be grateful. They will be touched. When we package our gifts, we can put some custom stickers on the gift boxes to show our best wishes and gratitude for their contributions.

Do you expect to show your love to your lovers and parents through some exquisite and exclusive custom stickers? We are a professional custom sticker company. You can customize your custom stickers according to your ideas in our company. You can put your love in the design of your custom stickers. In our company, there are many brilliant and professional designers. They can offer free but elaborate designs for our customers. Besides, our service teams are responsible. Customer-first is our principle. The prices of our custom stickers are low. What’s more, we make no demand on minimum order quantity.  We are committed to providing thoughtful and wholehearted service for our customers! welcomes you!

How to Choose the Shape of Custom Labels?

Custom labels in small and medium-sized businesses are popular. Custom labels make our lives more convenient, through custom labels we can quickly find products. At the same time, the custom label has a promotional function, which can promote our brand logo. How to choose the right shape of custom labels? Are you confused about how to choose custom labels? can help you solve these problems. According to your demands, you can choose the proper shape and size for your custom labels. Now let us learn about various types of labels from their shapes.

Choose Custom Labels of Different Shapes

You can choose custom labels of different shapes according to your product characteristics. Our custom labels have five common types of labels. Now let’s look at these categories.

Die Cut Labels

Die cut labels are one of the most popular custom labels, which is affordable and simple in design. Die cut custom labels can be used as development packaging we usually drink, as well as some daily necessities and skincare products. It has the effect of oil and water resistance.

Circle Labels

Circle labels are quite common in daily life. In all shapes, the circle has the most uses. Just like other kinds of custom labels, circle labels also can be used indoors and outdoors. Circle labels are suitable for various bottles, jars, boxes, and envelopes.

Custom Rectangle Labels

Custom rectangle labels are also widely used. For example, they can be as product labels, food labels, and gift labels, etc. The rectangle custom labels with strong adhesion are very durable and not easy to tear.

Square Labels

Square labels can be used for packaging all kinds of paper, boxes, cans, and bottles. They play the role of promotion and decoration. Lots of businesses use square custom labels for their products,  and the raw materials used are durable.

Custom Square Beer Labels

Oval Labels

Oval labels are perfectly delicate and beautiful, suitable for packaging various brands and gifts. You can choose an elegant matte or glossy effect for oval labels. Oval custom labels use durable vinyl material, it is waterproof, oil-proof, and has a long service life.

How to Get Yourself Custom Labels?

In Customsticker, you can design the custom labels you want with free art and free delivery. Once the design is completed, you will receive your own custom labels within a few days.

Choose the Shape You Need

First of all, the first step is to decide which shape of custom label you want, according to your actual needs and preferences.

Specify the Quantity and Size

Next, you need to select the number and size of the custom labels you need, you can customize the size, or you can ask us online. You can get a quote for the custom label online by confirming the size and quantity of the order.

Upload Your Design

After preparing your shape and size, you can upload your design, or use our design system template to design your custom labels.

Check and Confirm

After uploading or designing is complete, you can check your order information. If you are satisfied, you can customize your labels online, and we will send your custom labels to you as quickly as possible. is an experienced manufacturer of custom labels. Start your design now!

What Can Stickers Do for Your Simple but Outstanding Pranks?

The prank is the behavior of deliberately joking, or playing tricks with others. The most basic form of prank is to deliberately put others in a dilemma, watch others’ rare emotional expressions such as embarrassment, surprise, and fear, so as to have fun. Pranks can be expressed in the form of literature or art, such as spoof cartoons and spoof videos.

Many street pranks will present scary images to randomly scare passers-by and record their wonderful reactions. These pranks need to prepare costumes and props, which are idle when they are used up, causing great waste. There are also some dangerous pranks, in which a bucket of water is placed in a certain position and poured on others from a height through a touch mechanism. This kind of prank can easily cause inconvenience to others and wastewater resources. If the ones who were pranked happen to be in poor health, pranks may also cause their health problems.

Today we are going to introduce a slight prank. Slight pranks can achieve humorous, satirical, and funny effects. Moreover, a slight prank can break the ice without offending others. (Breaking ice: Breaking the barriers of suspicion, suspicion, and alienation between people is like breaking the thick ice of winter.) But the degree of your pranks must be appropriate. Because once a prank goes beyond the bottom line of others, it may lead to unexpected serious consequences, such as an interpersonal relationship breakdown or a “murder”.

I call on everyone to avoid wasting materials, such as food and water resources, while you are pranking for the sake of environmental protection when making pranks. And for the sake of safety, don’t have any threats to personal safety. So, I will share some harmless sticker pranks with you here. Using stickers to make pranks can save money, waste less material, and do no real harm to people while achieving a good effect of your marvelous pranks. When cleaning up the scene afterward, just tear off your prank stickers gently, which can save you lots of time and energy. Sticker pranks allow you to have a whole sense of pleasure of pranking without causing today next year to be the death anniversary of you or others. (Just kidding)

The Socket Stickers

Image credits: Amazon

I believe everyone has had a situation that the battery of mobile phones is running out when we are out. At this point, a socket appeared in the corner. I bet you will definitely take out the charger and plug it into the socket. Congratulations! You’ve been pranked! This socket sticker not only has a realistic texture but also has an expression of surprise, just like you who found out that this is a prank. However, seeing the cute expression of this socket sticker, who could be angry?

2. The Switch Stickers

Image credits: Amazon

To be honest, if I see such a switch sticker, I will not hesitate to follow the instructions above. On the one hand, with the rapid development of high technology, it is not surprising that some products have such functions. On the other hand, it is really convincing! Even if I put a clap-activated sticker on top of a sink with a faucet, I won’t turn on the faucet, but clap my hands foolishly. Imagine what your friends will do in the face of this scene. There must be full of questions in their heads. And it is the right time for you to start laughing!

3. The Dollar Stickers

Look at the handsome Benjamin Franklin. Who wouldn’t like him? I mean, who dislikes having too much money? This is a great opportunity to test your friendship with your friends! Stick this dollar sticker to your seat and see if they will kindly remind you or sneak it away without you looking. I think this prank not only does its job, but it also helps you screen out your true friends.

4. The Cockroach Stickers

Open Google, enter “cockroach”, you can see that the pop-up keywords are all related to how to kill cockroaches, revealing people’s aversion to cockroaches. This cockroach sticker is suitable for people who are afraid of cockroaches. Similarly, you can also tailor a set of stickers for your friend according to the things he fears most, such as spider stickers and ghost stickers. The premise for this cockroach stickers prank is that your friendship must be deep enough. Otherwise, you may get a terrible thrashing or lose this friend.

Of course, the most basic condition for an outstanding prank is safety. Before you play a prank, please check to reassure whether the one you pranked can accept your prank and his physical condition. Otherwise, the price of pranks will either be your loss of this friend or someone’s health problems. Again, the goal should be that both parties find humor in your pranks.

Using stickers to make pranks is one of the most threshold-free pranks. A small and light sticker is easy for you to carry around and is suitable for almost any scene. It means you can start your pranks whenever and wherever you want!

Have you decided what kind of stickers you want to customize to prank your friends? is a company that specializes in custom stickers, including the whole process of design, production, and delivery of the stickers. They can not only provide you with a free design service but also free of shipment. At present, they offer a 10% discount on the first order. Hurry up and open to prepare an outstanding and safe prank for your friends!