In modern life, all kinds of cars appear in our daily life. With so many styles of cars, how do you make your car look unique among so many? Just like we buy all kinds of beautiful clothes for ourselves, you can buy some personalized stickers for your cars, such as funny car stickers or American flag stickers.

Car stickers fall into several different categories. Now let’s look at these categories.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are the most popular of all car stickers, and they not only express your personality but also a low-cost, high-impact marketing tool. Your bumper stickers can be anime car stickers, funny bumper stickers or brand logos or slogans stickers.

Personalized Car Stickers

bumper stickers







Tank Stickers

Fuel tank sticker is a very practical car sticker, it is a reminder sticker. You can put a sticker on the tank with the type of gas your car needs so that when you fill up your tank, the attendant doesn’t have to ask what kind of gas you need.

Tank stickers

Tank stickers








Car Window Stickers

Car window stickers are also popular. Car window stickers are usually placed on the back window of a car. Window stickers can show all the cars behind you your information. For example, you can choose a business information sticker pasted in your car window, which called car advertising stickers. Car window stickers can also alert the car behind you to prevent rear-end collisions. If you have just received your driver’s license, tell the driver behind you that you are a novice.

As car window stickers become more and more popular, the question of how to get stickers off of car windows has come up. Then read these tips to get rid of your car window stickers.

Car Window Stickers

Car Window Stickers







How to Get Stickers off of Car Windows

To remove the car window sticker, wet the sticker with a hot towel. Once the sticker is wet, it can be easily removed. If you come across a sticker that is old and sticky, you can remove it with a special cleaning solution. If you don’t have these cleaners, you can soak them in soapy water to get rid of them completely.

You can dip a towel in a small amount of alcohol and repeatedly wipe it on the sticker, but never spray it directly on the window, otherwise, it will damage the film.

The last one is the simplest, you just need a hot hairdryer to easily remove the sticker without causing any damage to the car. If the sticker is sticky, you can blow it a little longer, starting around the sticker so you can easily uncover one corner.

Note: no matter whether the car window has a solar film or not, do not use a sharp instrument such as blade to remove the window stickers, otherwise it will scratch the glass or solar film.

Car stickers are for outdoor use, so they must be weatherproof and ultraviolet. If you are looking for a sticker that will last a long time, our bumper sticker is the ideal choice. Our car stickers are printed on premium white vinyl, available in gloss or matte finish, and suitable for all kinds of cars and outdoor equipment.

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