When we browse through the stickers, all kinds of stickers appear in our eyes. What’s the difference in the materials of these stickers? That’s the biggest question. Now I can get your question answered. The most common material for a sticker is vinyl, but there are finer distinctions. In addition to the sticker materials, we also need to consider adhesives, there are also a variety of adhesives for you to choose from. So how to choose the right sticker materials is what we need to consider when buying custom stickers.

Sometimes we see the sticker color is very bright, the feeling is very attractive. This is made of glossy vinyl. Glossy vinyl makes your stickers look brighter and more attractive. This type of material is usually used to make signs that require special prompts, such as warning signs because it can make others pay more attention to the prompt. Our glossy vinyl materials have permanent adhesives and removable adhesives to choose from and can be attached to any smooth, flat surface. In addition, you don’t have to worry about bubbles when using our glossy vinyl. Our glossy vinyl USES bubble-free air exit technology to make your operation easier. If you’re looking for attractive custom stickers, go for glossy vinyl.

The opposite of gloss is matte vinyl. Matte vinyl does not have a bright color appearance, but it has a higher texture. Matte vinyl will make your stickers look high grade. If you’re choosing vinyl stickers for your business, opt for matte vinyl. This material is suitable for any sticker and is one of the most popular materials in our company. If you don’t know which material to choose, matte vinyl is always a good choice. Matte vinyl also has a choice of two adhesives, perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

What is the material of the clear vinyl stickers? It’s also vinyl, but it’s clear vinyl. Our clear vinyl material does not have any white or colored background, it is completely clear, so this clear sticker is often used on the glass because it is more suitable for clear materials and can better convey information.  The front adhesive sticker is also made of clear vinyl. Our clear vinyl is also printed in white ink and coated with UV coating to give wear resistance and waterproof durability.

Our vinyl materials have two surfaces to choose from, gloss and matte. Choose a suitable surface according to your own needs. Sticker adhesives have a choice of permanent adhesives and removable adhesives, depending on how long you use them and where you use them. For car stickers and laptop stickers, I recommend choosing removable adhesives because you can change them at any time without damaging the surface. If it is used outdoors for a long time, then there is no doubt that choose permanent adhesive. Our stickers are waterproof and UV resistant, both indoor and outdoor. If you want to order our custom stickers, you can call 18665734920 or email info@GS-JJ.com.




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