Our sticker products are introduced all the time, but button products may not be well known to you. So, for all customers to have a better understanding of our buttons, here is a summary of some information about our custom buttons. Now let’s get straight to the point.

Buttons are a kind of decoration that can be attached to your bag, clothes, tie, and other places. The usual choice on the back of a button is the standard pin. The standard pin back is easy to use, simple and beautiful. Buttons are as versatile as stickers and last longer than stickers because they can be recycled. Buttons are highly visible and wearable items that can be used for political campaigns, commercial publicity, artistic creation, education, personal use, and more.

circle buttons

People love these custom buttons because they make ordinary objects more unique and can send signals to people around them. Why would I say that? First, there are many companies that use the various advantages of buttons for their enterprises to promote their business. Companies can turn a blank button into a tool to win customers for themselves by printing their information on a button.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Recently, pins have been considered accessories for fashion as well, with fashion influencers matching a pin to their nail type.  For example, those who have almond nails may end up wearing a pin of the same color or with a pin matching the same theme.

When I buy a backpack, the store will usually send me a button, which I can pin on my backpack, which not only attracts more customers for business but also makes customers’ backpacks more distinctive. Secondly, buttons can be displayed to the people around you, because you can use them on your clothes. If you are organizing a volunteer activity, why not use some buttons to show your identity? Any information or design can be printed on buttons, and you can think of buttons as fashion items or promotional tools. Because buttons are what people like to use, no matter what information you print, these custom buttons are an ornament.

What shape do our buttons have? If you click on Customsticker.com you will find that we have rectangular buttons, oval buttons, square buttons, and circle buttons, all of which are the most popular types of buttons on the market. The most common of these four shapes is the circle button because the circle button can be used with anything, and the circle button is printed with a pattern. The shape of the oval button is suitable for printing patterns and text combination design because it has enough space to arrange the design content. Rectangular buttons can be customized vertically or horizontally, it can print a lot of information, perfect for commercial promotion. Square buttons can be printed with logos or simple text, and you can use square buttons for all kinds of activities.

If you need custom buttons for decoration or promotion, customsticker.com provides you with a variety of high-quality buttons. All our buttons are printed in full color, and the images we print are guaranteed clarity. We have a free custom system for customers to design buttons and upload their artwork to complete your buttons. Order custom buttons no minimum are available on customsticker.com, email us at info@GS-JJ.com or call us at 18665734920 to get more information about custom buttons.


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