Nowadays, with the rapid development of the economy, competition is inevitable, especially for some small enterprises. How to stand out from the competition in the same industry with a small business. The lack of funds in the initial stage of the establishment of an enterprise is the biggest problem. Under the limitation of limited funds, how to promote their own products and where to place them to obtain the maximum benefits are important factors that affect the development of the enterprise. If you don’t have any ideas yet, follow us to learn an affordable and effective way to advertise.

If you’re careful enough, you’ll find that some smart companies have taken advantage of the tools and space they already have. Today, we’ll discuss how to use existing tools and space to grow small businesses. What we’re talking about is adding value to something that you already have, and all you need is a little sticker, and now let’s see how these custom stickers work.

Adding value to a sticker means adding a label to something, just like the logo on some products, except that the sticker is a movable logo. Here are some great examples of how to present your business message and promote your products.

Free Space

Free space is not a specific space, but any space that can be social. A good example is networking in the conference room. The conference room is not only a place to communicate with employees but also a place to meet customers, investors and partners. You can build your company image in the conference room, which not only shows the company culture but also introduces your brand. Creating an image of the company in the conference room only requires the use of custom stickers printed with the company logo or slogan, which do not need to be exaggerated to attract attention. Arrange the space reasonably, not only can you show the enterprise information but also can simply show some main products, so that your conference room is also a brand exhibition room.

Compared with the large space, the added value of small space will be more convincing and influential. Sticking custom stickers on the surface of a normal cup can turn into a specific brand, and if you’re a beverage store, stickers are a great tool for advertising your product. Sticking custom made stickers on water cups and giving them to customers as gifts is a common promotion method of many enterprises. Clear print appearance, waterproof and anti-UV function, the advantages of multiple process options make stickers the most effective means of conveying brand information. Vinyle stickers can be applied to any smooth, flat surface, perfect for all materials. Building your brand awareness is the first step to moving your company forward.

Personality Stickers
Personality Stickers
Personality Stickers
Personality Stickers


Just as the clothes we wear show our own image, the work clothes also show the image of the company. Proper clothes will make an excellent impression on customers. You can choose to wear formal or casual clothing. Adding the company logo to your casual clothing can also achieve the same effect as formal clothing. What decorations won’t damage the dress? Yes, vinyl stickers, which can be made with company logos or employee names. Stickers are more diverse and present more information than badges. These custom stickers represent the company’s image and can be reused without any residual glue.

These are examples that we might overlook when compared to car stickers and wall stickers. These are just a few specific ways and areas to use stickers, and you can find more ways to use stickers to promote your business. Learning to add business value to free space and objects can help your business stand out from the crowd. Vinyl stickers are easy to get, affordable and quality, and use different types of stickers to increase investment opportunities and customers for your business.

If you have a small business in the early stages of development, consider using custom stickers to get your business and product message out to more people. is a company engaged in sticker printing for many years, we can provide you with various stickers, our custom made stickers have free design and transportation services, and you can order custom stickers no minimum. You can contact us by emailing us at and call us at 1-866-573-4920.


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