Recently, I often suffer from insomnia. Although I have tried many online search methods to treat insomnia, none of them really worked. Later, my doctor recommended a method I had never tried before to treat my insomnia. That is, ASMR videos. ASMR (full name: Autonomic sensory meridian response, abbreviation ASMR), that is, spontaneous perceptual meridian response, means that the human body produces pleasant and unique stimulation in the brain, scalp, back or other parts of the body through perceptual stimulation such as sight, hearing, touch and smell, also known as ear sound and intracranial orgasm.

I searched on YouTube and found that most ASMR videos are made in a home workshop. As a result, the recording environment of most ASMR videos may not be of high quality, and the editing and recording methods are not properly handled. Therefore, we can perform on-site ASMR at home on our own. If you are also experiencing insomnia, I recommend a low-cost and error-free ASMR, that is, sticker-peeling ASMR. Below is my selection of 4 different styles of sticker-peeling ASMR videos for you.

1. Sticker-Peeling(no talking)

As the name implies, this kind of sticker-peeling ASMR video focuses on sticking stickers to a cushion made of special material and then recording the sound of peeling the stickers. The YouTuber will keep the environment absolutely quiet, and simply write the content of the video, so they will not introduce their content at the beginning of the videos, but start peeling the stickers. The video will not include any sound, including the human voice, except the sound produced by the hand movement of peeling the sticker. The length of the videos is mostly between 10-50 min, generally not more than one hour. This kind of voiceless sticker-peeling ASMR video allows you to indulge in the sticker-peeling ASMR world without any distractions.

The stickers used in this kind of video have higher requirements for the adhesive of the stickers because the YouTuber must repeatedly use the same sticker to paste and peel it off. If a permanent adhesive is used, the sticker becomes a disposable sticker and cannot be repetitively performed. Therefore, I recommend stickers with removable adhesives.

2. Sticker-Peeling(Soft voice)

The Youtuber of this sticker-peeling ASMR video will peel the sticker and stick it on the sticker book while speaking softly to you. It is worth mentioning that some Youtubers will only add whispers when introducing stickers, while others will add whispers at the beginning, the introduction of stickers, and the ending. The Youtuber will take care of different people with different preferences. So, What ASMR video you choose actually depends on your preference.

This kind of video doesn’t require many stickers. The stickers don’t need to be waterproof or tear-proof. Therefore, you can choose stickers of various crafts or materials according to your own preferences.

3. Sticky sound(whisper)

Compared with the above two sticker “PEELING” ASMR videos, this kind of video focus more on the sound of constantly touching the back of the sticker (that is, the glue side) after peeling off the sticker. At the same time, the actions and stickers will be explained to some extent.

This type of sticker is consistent with the choice of the first type. Except for one thing: because most stickers are stuck on the hands for display, it is inevitable that the surface of the stickers will experience a lot of friction during the display. Therefore, I recommend you choose smooth stickers instead of matte stickers, for the former ones can withstand more friction.

After watching these sticker-peeling ASMR videos, are you excited? Sticker-peeling ASMR videos can help you relax your nerves after a tense day, slowly relieve your breathing, relieve your stress and fatigue, and let you fall asleep quickly without any medication. Although you’ve already felt the charm of peeling the stickers, it’s not as good as the live version of sticker-peeling ASMR. After watching various styles of stickers, is there still no sticker you like in the video?

Don’t worry. is a website that customizes stickers online. It not only supports customizing stickers in various styles and sizes but also has no limit on the number of stickers ordered. If you want, even one sticker can be delivered to you free of charge. If you don’t have a ready-made design drawing, but only have an idea, please contact the website customer service, because they provide free design service! What are you waiting for? Use your favorite sticker to make a live version of ASMR, the effect of treating insomnia or decompression will be doubled! Call 18665734920 or email for more information.



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