What’s Missing in Building Your Fascinating Corporate Culture?

Many enterprises want to create their own brands. In fact, if they want to create brands, the construction of corporate culture plays a very important role. The culture of an enterprise will determine how far the enterprise can go and its future development space. Corporate culture can naturally form a cohesive force, centripetal force, and binding force within employees. Forming an indispensable spiritual force for the development of enterprises can make enterprises play a positive role, make enterprise resources get a reasonable allocation, and thus improve the competitiveness of enterprises. What kind of role does corporate culture play in enterprises?

First, corporate culture has a binding effect.

Corporate culture itself has a normative role, and corporate culture norms include moral norms, behavioral norms, and first norms. When the corporate culture rises to a certain height, this norm becomes an invisible binding force. It makes employees understand what they shouldn’t and can’t do in their behaviors, which is the result of the “soft” restraint function played by corporate culture. Through these soft constraints, employees’ consciousness, enthusiasm, initiative, and self-restraint can be improved, so that employees can make realize their work significance and working methods, thus improving their sense of responsibility and mission.

Second, corporate culture has an incentive effect.

Excellent corporate culture virtually plays an inspiring role for employees. The cultural atmosphere and value orientation formed by enterprise culture is a kind of spiritual encouragement, which can mobilize and stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of employees, induce people’s potential wisdom, make employees’ abilities develop in an all-round way, and enhance the overall execution of enterprises.

Third, corporate culture has a competitive effect.

A good corporate culture can drive the healthy development of enterprises. The enthusiasm of employees is mobilized, which will make them work more enthusiastically, improve production efficiency and inject new strength into the enterprise.

Today I’m going to introduce a low-cost but effective way to build a corporate culture. That is wall stickers.

1. Logo Wall Stickers

If you are running a small company, you must know that the biggest problem for small businesses and start-ups are team building, brain drain, and a sense of belonging. A perfect brand building can make employees who follow the enterprise have a sense of belonging and mission. I’m not talking about nonsense. My clients have done research before: The improved Logo makes employees more willing to stay in the office than the original ugly Logo. This is why our country and organization always have a sign to make people feel a sense of belonging.

2. Team Wall Stickers

Unity and cooperation are the foundation of the success of all undertakings. Only by relying on the strength of unity can individuals and collectives combine their wishes with the goals of the team, transcend the limitations of individuals and play the role of collective cooperation. For every employee, unity is a virtue and a responsibility. If every employee can remember through the stickers posted on the wall: take others’ strengths, make up for their own weaknesses, put personal interests behind them, and put the interests of the company first, then the development speed and level of the company will surely reach a new level.

3. Inspirational Wall Stickers

Innovation is the best guarantee for enterprises. Through innovation, your products may be better than competitors (product innovation); You may be closer to the consumers than your competitors (marketing innovation); You may make consumers buy goods faster (production, logistics innovation), more convenient (channel innovation) and cheaper (cost leadership through innovation); You are more efficient than your competitors (organizational structure innovation); You have a better understanding of the company’s strategy (finance, innovation in strategic thinking) and so on. So how do you keep your company innovative? Let’s start by transforming the office environment we have to face every day. With motivational and inspirational wall stickers on the surrounding walls, employees are imperceptibly immersed in an innovative environment.

The office of a company is not only a gathering place for members of the company but also a place for various reception and publicity activities. Office culture is the embodiment of the company culture, bearing the task of condensing the minds of employees internally and publicizing the company’s cultural concepts and business purposes externally. Therefore, appropriate publicity slogans or logo stickers in the office can effectively display the company’s culture and enhance the overall image and taste of the company.

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