How a Custom Sticker Saved Sally’s Christmas

After two years of periodic quarantines, company restructuring, and fractured holiday gatherings; Sally had had enough of COVID 19.

However, as Christmas 2021 rolled in, Sally started to get extremely excited. She found out that her husband, Mark, had secretly purchased tickets to her favorite, all-female Beatles cover band: The Ladies Madonna.

Truthfully, she’d found out about the concert purely by accident. She’d needed to borrow Mark’s computer for something and saw an email come through with the reminder about the upcoming show.

But once she knew that her first concert since COVID began would feature her favorite group, she was literally shaking with anticipation.

Music Concert

Enter Omicron

Sadly, as the Omicron variant slowly infiltrated the world, reports of events being canceled around the globe started to make headlines. Sure enough, a few days later, The Ladies Madonna posted on their social media pages that they would be forced to cancel their show, with no planned reschedule date.

Sally was distraught. All she wanted was for the world to go back to normal. Was wanting to see a concert really so much to ask of the world? She paid her taxes, she was a good person, why was she being singled out?

Deep down, Sally understood how outrageous these thoughts were, obviously, she wasn’t being singled out. Everyone on the planet was being forced to navigate the new COVID world, and many people were experiencing serious tragedies which she could barely even comprehend.

But still, it was The Ladies Madonna!

Mark Gets an Idea

Mark saw how hard Sally was taking this whole situation. He intuited that she had somehow found out about the upcoming concert, and knew that she was very upset about the cancellation.

He tried to find alternate tour venues. He thought maybe the band would have been able to play in a neighboring town. Unfortunately, these efforts were in vain: the band had canceled their whole tour.

But just as one door closes, another one often opens to take its place.

While at the office, Mark was relaying his frustrations about the canceled concert to his best work friend, Magnus. Once Mark finished his story, Magnus offered some platitudes and well-meaning remarks, as one might in such a situation.

But as Mark turned to head back to his own cubicle, he noticed a sticker on Magnus’s cubicle wall. It was the iconic picture of Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston, except Ali’s face was replaced with Elmer Fudd’s, and Liston’s was replaced with Bugs Bunny’s.

“Where did you get that!?” Mark blurted out through his laughter, pointing at the sticker.

“Oh this,” said Magnus, chuckling. “I got it from It’s awesome. You can basically get whatever you want on a sticker. Not to mention, the company is incredible with customer service and they make the whole process so easy.”

Hearing this, Mark had an idea. He ran back to his desk, deleting all of the work emails that had been marked as important but were, objectively, not important at all, and opened a new browser window.

He typed into the search bar: and clicked on the “custom stickers” link. From here, he saw that they had a specific section for band stickers. He would help his wife have a great Christmas after all!

Sally’s Christmas Morning

As the morning of December 25th finally came, Mark rose much earlier than usual. He made his way downstairs and got to work.

A few hours later, Sally woke up as well. Even though it had been over a week since she’d heard the news about the concert cancellation, she was still feeling bummed out. She made some coffee and tried to put on a happy face, knowing how much Mark loved Christmas. Strangely, she heard him rustling around in the basement from her position in the kitchen.

“What could he possibly be doing down there on Christmas day?” She thought to herself.

She softly padded her way down the steps and saw the incredible scene before her: Mark had plastered the walls with custom Ladies Madonna stickers and had even arranged some old Halloween mannequins on a custom stage, as if they were in the band.

Sally couldn’t even speak as she viewed the room. The amount of time and effort this must have taken would have been astronomical.

Involuntarily, she began to sob.

This startled Mark, as he hadn’t heard her come down the stairs.

He turned around and, assuming her tears were of sadness, apologized for making her cry.

“It’s not that!” she said, rushing towards him. “I love it. You just made this the best Christmas ever!”

And so, in their Santa hats, sitting in chairs facing the stage, they listened to old Ladies Madonna records.

Mark, with the help of, truly had saved Sally’s Christmas.

Music Stickers From

The Real World of Custom Stickers

As you may have guessed, the above story is a work of nearly pure fiction.

“There’s no band called The Ladies Madonna!?” You might be yelling at your computer screen in horror.

Well, no. There’s no band called The Ladies Madonna. Sally and Mark are not real people, and the hero of the story, Magnus, is fictional as well.

That being said, is a very real service and they do make people happy every day. Their band logo stickers are custom made and can help to promote an event, celebrate a milestone, or accomplish just about any task the customer desires.

Many businesses will use custom logo stickers to promote their brand as well. Stickers are easy to place on laptops, walls, binders, and just about anywhere a person might want to display them.

If you want to promote a product, celebrate an accomplishment, notify fans about a new release, or just make a cool sticker; is the place to go.

Check out their website now and start designing your custom sticker today! Who knows, you might make someone’s day, just like Mark did for Sally.

Custom Stickers or Premade Stickers – Which One is Better for You?

Last week, I bought the clothes I bought at Gap and a colleague of mine outfit clash with me. I felt very embarrassed and unhappy. I don’t like the outfit clash, but I can’t avoid it. It bothers me. I’m sure most of you have had this experience, and if you want to be more unique in your clothes, it’s a good idea to learn how to match clothes. But if you want to be more unique and personalized in other aspects, is very simple, such as stickers. There is no shortage of suppliers and different types of stickers in the market, but these stickers are premade stickers and are mass-produced for customers to choose from. In other words, these stickers are plain, generic stickers. Another completely different kind of sticker is custom stickers. Custom stickers are unique and have personality. These two kinds of stickers have unique advantages, how to make the best choice between them? Read on and you’ll know why.

How do you position your needs?

Buying any product is based on your needs, so your needs are a direct factor in deciding which sticker to choose. There are some of the cases I think of choosing pre-made stickers.

Some people buy stickers just for fun, so regular pre-made stickers are a good choice.

Specific brand logo stickers are not too different, if you need a brand logo sticker, you can buy pre-made stickers.

I like to pursue individuality, so custom stickers are better for me. Just like my wallpaper, I designed by myself using a custom system of I blend in my own style, simple and personal. Custom stickers are especially important for businesses, which sell different products in different ways. If businesses all choose the same sticker, they will lose competitiveness. Therefore, custom stickers are the first choice in business.

Advantages of custom stickers and premade stickers

Premade Stickers

Pre-made stickers are easier to get and there is no print quantity requirement. You can buy individual or multiple stickers.

Pre-made stickers cost less because mass production saves a lot of money.

Premade stickers have a wide variety of styles and a wider selection of customers.

Custom Stickers

The biggest characteristic of custom made stickers is their uniqueness and individuality. The most important thing is that you can design according to your own needs.

Another attractive advantage of custom stickers is their high quality. This is especially important for quality-oriented customers because the stickers you choose to customize will be confirmed by the customer after they are designed and manufactured.

Another great thing about custom stickers is that they are designed exactly the way you want them to be. Stickers are usually printed with a minimum order of 100, but there is no limit to the number of choices.

I don’t know what stickers you will choose, but I like custom made stickers because they are so unique. If you want to order high-quality custom stickers like me, then you really should come to, because these guys have their own custom systems and free design teams, and it’s really convenient to work with them. Their phone number is 18665734920. If you prefer email contact, their email address is

Where to Get Custom Stickers Made?

When you want to buy custom stickers for a variety of reasons, the first option that comes to mind is to find a company on Google that you feel is reliable enough to buy custom stickers from. However, considering the quality, price, design, and technology how can you be sure that the stickers you buy are what you need? For these reasons, I highly recommend, a company that specializes in printing stickers. Here are some advantages of our company that you may want to know.


Quality is the foundation of a company’s success or failure. Good quality tends to attract more customers, so our products are subject to strict inspection in terms of quality. Our custom-made stickers are made of premium vinyl materials with matte and gloss to choose from. All stickers have a film on the outside of the design to enhance the waterproof, oil-proof and UV protection of the stickers, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The adhesive chosen for the sticker is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and children can use it.


Good price is also a big reason to attract customers, our company has its own factory to produce stickers, and all stickers are factory direct price, no middleman. We have many free services for customers, the most common are free shipping and free customization, under which you can order custom stickers no minimum at In addition, we have many holiday discounts for customers, and the more you buy, the better the price will be. If you want to buy a large number of stickers, trust me, you will get the best price in our company.


Design is a major factor in how good a sticker is, and perfect design will make the sticker look beautiful. Sometimes you may want to use your creativity to design a unique sticker, but there are no design tools. Or maybe you don’t want to design it by yourself because it takes too much time and effort. All these are not a problem in, because we have a professional design team and a convenient custom system. Our design team has a rich design experience and can present your design perfectly. Our customized system is not only easy to operate but also has rich elements for customers to choose from. You can customize personalized vinyl stickers the way you want.


As a company with more than ten years of experience in printing stickers, we have great advantages in equipment and talents. Our equipment purchase is the world’s most advanced printing equipment, and our staff is experienced, very professional. In technology, we have many kinds of technology for customers to choose from.

If you are wondering where to get custom stickers made. is an ideal choice. Our company has a great advantage in all aspects. Browse for more information. If you have any needs, please email or call 1-866-573-4920.




How to Print Custom Stickers?

Duke and I had some arguments yesterday about where to buy stickers. Duke and I have our ideas about which store to choose for the stickers. To ensure that we can get the best quality custom made stickers, we have done the advantages and disadvantages analysis for the two companies respectively. One of the most important things that we don’t know is how our custom stickers are printed. To have a better understanding of the printing process of the company I chose, I spent the whole night collecting information so that Duke could have a more intuitive understanding of the advantages of The following is the information integration I did.

How to Print Custom Stickers?

About sticker printing, I have collected a lot of information on Google. I know it is not difficult to print stickers, but printing high-quality stickers require the company to have advanced printing equipment and high-quality sticker printing materials. I sent an email to the customer service of asking for this information, and I quickly got a reply. Lucy, one of the professionals told me that all the equipment and instruments of her company are newly purchased. The stickers are usually made of premium vinyl, with glossy and matte surface choices. After learning this information, I started printing my stickers on

The first step in getting started with printing stickers is to start designing stickers, which you can see in the picture below and choose to make your own. I can choose from a variety of options, custom kiss cut stickers, custom circle stickers, die cut vinyl stickers and so on. I chose the kiss cut stickers I needed, so I just need to click on the kiss cut stickers to enter the design system.

After entering the customized system, I started to design my sticker template. I found this design system really convenient. Why do I say that? Well, first of all, you can see that there are templates to choose from, and these templates are designed to be printed directly. If you don’t have what you want in the template, you can use elements from the design system, which are categorized by theme for easy selection.

The most convenient thing for me is that I can upload pictures directly and turn my pictures into customized stickers. It’s really interesting, isn’t it? I can upload my photos or some pictures that I like very much. To be honest, it really caught my eye.

After selecting these, I started to move on to the next step. It’s really fun because you never know what you need to do next. Ok, we’ve moved on to the next step, the next step is to confirm your design. If you have any ideas you can leave a message, customer service will print stickers based on the message. I don’t know if you noticed, but these people are really sweet. They have messages: You will be emailed a proof to approve after our design team makes adjustments. Request design changes in the “Special Instructions” box and we will do our best to accommodate them.

To continue our sticker printing process, the next step is to provide more details about the sticker. More specifically, we choose the sticker size, quantity, process and determine the price. We can see that there is a price list for our reference. This price list shows different prices according to different sizes of stickers, which is easy for us to determine the price. Besides, click on the surface selection will have matte and gloss selection. It’s easy for us to make the right choice.

I think the next step may be our last step, submit the order and then pay. Let’s see if I’m right. It looks like I got it wrong, and it’s just added to the cart. Wow, there is also a choice whether you need to order another or pay directly, it is convenient for me to order different styles, and can pay together. Needless to say, love it.

I showed this to Duke, but he said what if I didn’t want to design it? Does that mean I have to find someone else to design it? I also asked the customer service about this problem. The customer service staff patiently told me that they would provide free design services. Then duke was convinced by me to customize the kiss cut stickers for our team on, and I learned that I could order kiss cut stickers no minimum. I won this contest, and I think the main reason is that really has a lot of unique advantages that a lot of sticker printing companies don’t have. I want to say a word to all the people at Thank you very much.

So how to print custom stickers is very simple, every step is optional and you can get your custom stickers without thinking too much. If you want to get kiss cut stickers no minimum like me, I would like to share the contact information of Their phone number is 18665734920 and their email address is

Some Uses Related to Vinyl Letter Stickers

When you’re feeling down, maybe a compliment from someone else can inspire you. But there are a lot of people you don’t know who you can encourage without voicing it, just a little vinyl letter stickers. There’s a program called “You are Beautiful.” It started in Chicago as a very meaningful initiative by the artist Matthew Hoffman.

It started as a one-man campaign, with Hoffman handing out “You are Beautiful” stickers to passers-by on the street, but as more and more people joined in, the campaign became more and more influential. From the initial distribution of stickers to the later display of positive energy in some community spaces, these spaces were activated by public art.

The power of these simple custom stickers is that they connect two people who don’t know each other and convey the message you need to convey to others without using words. These stickers that only have words are called vinyl letter stickers, and they only have words to convey information to people. This sticker is not only for artistic use but also for commercial and personal use. Now we can look at the effect of vinyl stickers.

Business Use

Vinyl letter stickers are so important to a business that we see them almost every day. It’s easy for businesses to convert store information and slogans into vinyl letter stickers. A vivid example is the hours we see in the Windows of some coffee shops and a free wireless message, all of which are vinyl letter stickers. The difference is that they are printed on clear vinyl, so these custom made stickers are also called clear vinyl letter stickers.

Personal Use

For individuals, the most important function of vinyl letter stickers is branding. You can print vinyl stickers with your name on them. One of the most popular made stickers is the vinyl boat sticker. If you have a boat you can name it, and then print your name on vinyl and stick it on your boat. This isn’t just for boats, of course. You can apply vinyl letter stickers to any smooth, flat surface.

Customized vinyl letters sticker is very simple at You can choose the style you need according to your own needs.

If you need this simple and fun sticker, you can come to our company. Our company’s vinyl letter stickers are printed on premium vinyl with waterproof, oil-proof inks. Our company has a variety of stickers to choose from, our custom system is simple to use, you can easily make your stickers perfect completion. If this is the sticker you need, then you can call us at 1-866-573-4920 or email us at

Branding Your Business with Window Stickers

It is very easy for stores to display their information to customers. Companies just need to print their information as window stickers, and then they can display their information. These window stickers include opening hour stickers, holiday-themed stickers, and product display stickers. If you’re curious about these custom made stickers, don’t worry. I’ll show you three different types of stickers.

Opening Hour Stickers

Business hours stickers can show customers basic information about the store and business hour stickers are what we call vinyl letter stickers. In addition to displaying store hours, you can also display store name, email, phone number, store name, and logo. The information displayed can increase the potential customers for your business, and it can make it easier for your customers to contact you, from potential customers to real customers.

Holiday Themed Stickers

Holiday-themed stickers can add to the atmosphere. Putting holiday-themed stickers on Windows can make customers curious about what’s inside the store. If your store has any promotional elements, you can combine them with holiday-themed stickers. holiday-themed stickers tend to attract more shoppers to stores.

Product Display Stickers

The window will be a good display case, showing your main products to customers in a patterned way. Instead of a real product display, you just need some custom stickers, and when the customer looks at the window, he or she will focus on the sticker. It’s a silent advertisement to sell your product to customers.

It is very easy to create your window stickers on You can design them yourself or choose our professional design team to help you design them for free. Whichever method you choose to complete your custom made stickers, they will be both professional and stylish. Our window stickers are all removable vinyl stickers that can be easily used and removed without damaging the window surface. You can choose to create plain custom stickers or vinyl letter stickers. If you’re tempted, take action by emailing or calling 1-866-573-4920.


Why Are Stickers So Useful?

In my daily life, I find stickers seem to stay close to me all the time. Why does such a humble, paper-like object appear so frequently in our daily life? To solve this puzzle, I did some research on the types of stickers. Now follow me and let’s take a look! The variety of stickers is an important reason why they are so integral to our lives. In some arts and crafts stores, you will find a variety of stickers placed in the shop window for customers to enjoy and purchase. These stickers may be portrait stickers, TV stickers (cartoon stickers, animated stickers), business stickers, and vinyl letter stickers and so on. In other words, the richness of the sticker determines its wide range of use. I know you might be interested in the kinds of custom stickers mentioned above, and I want to show you those kinds of stickers.

Portrait Stickers

You’re probably pretty familiar with these stickers, and if you have a super favorite star, you’ve definitely bought these portrait stickers. Now I would like to introduce this kind of sticker. In fact, the portrait sticker turns your pictures into stickers. It is not much different from ordinary photos in appearance, but it can be pasted. In addition, it has transparent, die cut, kiss cut and some other production process can be chosen. You can put these stickers in your room, in your refrigerator, wherever you feel comfortable. If you want to turn your photo into this kind of sticker, then you should consider custom made stickers. Custom stickers make your photo into art.

TV Stickers

TV series sticker is a broad generalization; it includes TV series, animation, and animation sticker. All TV dramas can be presented in a lovely way. The biggest advantage of TV stickers is decoration and collection. I’m a big fan of TV stickers because I really like these pretty& cute stickers. TV Show Friends reruns now, classics never go out of style. Friends is my favorite TV show, I bought a lot of Friends stickers. These custom stickers are pasted on my desk, room wall and other places. As a qualified sticker lover, I can’t just collect TV stickers. I also have Doraemon Stickers, Peppa Pig stickers, and a series of Marvel, DC heroes stickers. There are so many categories that I won’t list them all, but maybe I’ll show them all next time.

Apart from decoration and collection, these stickers are also an expression of emotion. Vinyl stickers can really make people happy out of depression. If you are in a bad mood recently, then buy stickers to cheer up!

Business Stickers

Business stickers are important for people who run businesses. If you’re not a sticker buyer, commercial stickers are probably what you see every day. Business stickers can be used to communicate your business or product information to customers in an economical and fast way. If a video is a sound AD, then a sticker is a silent AD. It has a subtle ability to make people remember your message. Bumper stickers, wall stickers, window stickers, and sign stickers can all be classified as business stickers, which can include your contact information, address, and your logo. If you’re starting a small business and you don’t have enough money to advertise, business stickers are an ideal choice.

Vinyl Letter Stickers

Vinyl letter stickers give us very obvious information. Letter stickers made out of vinyl material, stickers that have no pattern but words. The stickers play an important role in both education and business. For educational purposes, they can mark students’ names and make it easier for teachers to teach. In the business world, it can convey a more direct message. One of the most popular types of letter stickers is vinyl boat stickers, which can print promotional messages or personalized letters, but either will definitely make your boat stand out. If you need marking tools, besides markers, vinyl letter stickers are a good choice. is a reliable supplier of stickers with a wide variety of stickers and the quality has been verified by many parties. Our company has a professional team, advanced equipment, we also provide free service for customers, free transportation and design, you can order custom stickers no minimum. We look forward to cooperating with you.