6 Benefits of Having Customized Wine Labels for Your Business

The use of customized wine labels is a trend that is growing quickly. Companies are using these wines all over the world for marketing, advertising, and a competitive edge. This is your chance to stand out as a business in 2022. So why should you create your own customized wine labels for your business?

Customized wine labels

Here’s what we can tell you about the Benefits of Having Customized Wine Labels:

It’s Subtle Advertising

Personalized wine labels are a great way to get your brand out there in a unique way. It’s a subtle way to advertise your product without it showing as a blatant advertisement.  Depending on what you put on the label, you can use it to promote a specific product or service. If you have the opportunity, you can design a few different labels and use them for different aspects of your business. Some of your wines can be used as a marketing tool, and other labels are great for boosting your specific service.

A great example of this is a cupcake company that used customized wine labels for its advertising and marketing tactics. They had a simple quote on their customized labels that said, “Celebrating with some wine? Cupcakes are an excellent pairing option.”

See how subtle that was? You can find a way to advertise your business and tie it in with the wine. Or, just use the label as a notice board. Just remember that specific colors stir certain emotions. So when designing your labels for advertising, think about what you want your customers to feel. For instance, yellow, red, and orange are great for food products, while light blue, pink and green are great for baby products.

You Stand Out From the Competition

How many other companies use wine bottles to market or advertise their company? There aren’t many, so with customized wine labels, you are sure to stand out from your competitors!  And, best of all, that bottle of wine will be shared with friends, who will also become aware of your brand.

It Shows Professionalism

With your customized wine labels, you’re already standing out from your competitors for having something unique. You can also show how professional your business is with a well-designed label. It makes a great impression and will help set a specific tone for your business.

It’s great for Marketing

When you think about how to market your brand, there are many ways to do that. Not only does having customized wine labels help you stand out from your competitors, but they are great for marketing in general. Everyone is using social media. Many businesses use flyers, posters, videos, podcasts, or videos. These are all great marketing efforts, but there is just something about a wine bottle with a striking label that will help customers remember your brand for a long time.

So not only can you promote a specific product, as we talked about earlier, but you can simply use it as a marketing tool. Simply having a bottle of wine with a stand-out label with your brand will leave an imprint on people, especially if this is used given to your customers as a gift.

They Make Great Thank You Gifts

Speaking of gifts, these wines are excellent options. Depending on your business’s budget, you can give away wines as gifts with your customized wine labels. Real estate agents, for instance, love using this technique to say thanks while subtly promoting their service. In other cases, when customers buy large quantities of your product, why not add a bottle of wine to say thanks? Clients always welcome free gifts, and wine has a different feel about it. Not only is it sophisticated and elegant, but it’s perfect as a gift in any situation. Your customers will not expect it but will sincerely appreciate it. 

Party to Thank for somebody

It’s Easy to Create

Designing your own customized wine labels does not have to be a challenging task. Custom Sticker offers a range of hundreds of templates, shapes, sizes, and ideas to help easily create your very own label. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure the labels can be placed in the refrigerator or even ice. Best of all, there is no limit on how many you should create, it is affordable, and we guarantee fast free shipment!

It’s as easy as a few clicks, so what are you waiting for? Get started today!

How to Choose the Shape of Custom Labels?

Custom labels in small and medium-sized businesses are popular. Custom labels make our lives more convenient, through custom labels we can quickly find products. At the same time, the custom label has a promotional function, which can promote our brand logo. How to choose the right shape of custom labels? Are you confused about how to choose custom labels? customsticker.com can help you solve these problems. According to your demands, you can choose the proper shape and size for your custom labels. Now let us learn about various types of labels from their shapes.

Choose Custom Labels of Different Shapes

You can choose custom labels of different shapes according to your product characteristics. Our custom labels have five common types of labels. Now let’s look at these categories.

Die Cut Labels

Die cut labels are one of the most popular custom labels, which is affordable and simple in design. Die cut custom labels can be used as development packaging we usually drink, as well as some daily necessities and skincare products. It has the effect of oil and water resistance.

Circle Labels

Circle labels are quite common in daily life. In all shapes, the circle has the most uses. Just like other kinds of custom labels, circle labels also can be used indoors and outdoors. Circle labels are suitable for various bottles, jars, boxes, and envelopes.

Custom Rectangle Labels

Custom rectangle labels are also widely used. For example, they can be as product labels, food labels, and gift labels, etc. The rectangle custom labels with strong adhesion are very durable and not easy to tear.

Square Labels

Square labels can be used for packaging all kinds of paper, boxes, cans, and bottles. They play the role of promotion and decoration. Lots of businesses use square custom labels for their products,  and the raw materials used are durable.

Custom Square Beer Labels

Oval Labels

Oval labels are perfectly delicate and beautiful, suitable for packaging various brands and gifts. You can choose an elegant matte or glossy effect for oval labels. Oval custom labels use durable vinyl material, it is waterproof, oil-proof, and has a long service life.

How to Get Yourself Custom Labels?

In Customsticker, you can design the custom labels you want with free art and free delivery. Once the design is completed, you will receive your own custom labels within a few days.

Choose the Shape You Need

First of all, the first step is to decide which shape of custom label you want, according to your actual needs and preferences.

Specify the Quantity and Size

Next, you need to select the number and size of the custom labels you need, you can customize the size, or you can ask us online. You can get a quote for the custom label online by confirming the size and quantity of the order.

Upload Your Design

After preparing your shape and size, you can upload your design, or use our design system template to design your custom labels.

Check and Confirm

After uploading or designing is complete, you can check your order information. If you are satisfied, you can customize your labels online, and we will send your custom labels to you as quickly as possible.

Customsticker.com is an experienced manufacturer of custom labels. Start your design now!