How About Coming To See A Wonderful Sticker Show?

Today, I want to introduce some representative stickers on our website. Therefore, you can regard this blog as a show of some stickers. All you are supposed to do is to appreciate it! Are you ready? Let’s welcome the first sticker!

The first sticker!

Can you guess what type of sticker this sticker represents? Are the stickers of simple style? Indeed, the design and color matching of this sticker are very simple. Nevertheless, it is not the right answer. LOL. This sticker is the representative of die cut sticker! So did you get it right? Some features of die cut sticker are “ Precise cutting, not limited by shape, less white space and so on”. The backing shape of die cut sticker and the sticker are the same. You can see this sticker is cut according to the design shape. Are you clear?

The second sticker!

Is this sticker very beautiful? And is the color matching very harmonious and full of dreamy feelings? The words printed on this sticker are “good vibes”. This sticker is creative. So what type of this sticker represents? I guess some people might get the answer from the last sticker! Yes, this sticker represents kiss cut stickers! The larger backing of kiss cut sticker can protect the sticker during transportation and distribution. Do you expect to know more about kiss cut stickers? Click here!

The third one

As you see, the pattern of this sticker is the Statue of Liberty. As one of the significant symbols of America, the Statue of Liberty is familiar to people. So can you guess what type of sticker it represents? A little hint: it is about the shape. LOL. I guess you have got it! Yes, this sticker is the representative of circular stickers! It is a kind of popular and elegant sticker shape in the sticker world. You can see many stickers which are designed to circular shapes in our daily life. If you expect to know more or customize some circular stickers, click here!

The fourth one

It seems that this sticker is a little different from the stickers above. Can you find the difference? We can see the design of this sticker is a cup of coffee and the text of coffee. So we guess that this sticker is applied in the decoration of a coffee shop. So what is special about this sticker? Yeah, it is a transparent sticker!  Waterproof, weatherproof clear vinyl materials without colorful background are applied in our clear stickers. This sticker is the representative of clear stickers.

The fifth sticker

What do you think as you see the fifth custom sticker? LOL. We can see the text “Let’s rock”. And the style of this sticker is unique. Can you guess what type of stickers this one represents? Maybe you have got the right answer from the text of this sticker. Yeah, it represents the band stickers. If you are a band, do you expect to customize some exquisite band stickers for your band? I think it is a meaningful thing for your band.

Are you tired? LOL. Let’s look at the last sticker! I wonder if this sticker will catch your eyes.

The last sticker

As you see, the design of this sticker is very beautiful. We can see colored flowers, green leaves, and beautiful animals. The color matching of this sticker is very beautiful and eye-catching. We can also see the text of “tropic paradise” printed on this sticker. So can you guess what is this sticker represents? In my opinion, I think this sticker can represent those stickers that are so beautiful. Maybe you have a different opinion. It doesn’t matter. After all, people just have different tastes.

After seeing such stickers, do you ever feel the urge to customize some exquisite stickers? You can choose the shapes of stickers. You can choose the sizes of your custom stickers. Do you expect to enjoy the joy of customization? Contact us now! is an online customized sticker mall. As a manufacturer of stickers, we are professional. We can provide free art designs for our customers! Besides, we can also provide free shipping services for our customers! Visit our website. Come to learn more! We will serve you faithfully! Look forward to your visit!

How to learn stickers from the shapes?

What types of stickers are consistent with the requirements? Although the stickers are simple, there are many styles you can choose from. Different techniques, materials, and shapes of stickers are all ways to distinguish the features of stickers. Different sticker shapes are the most common and easily distinguishable, and you can find the stickers that match your needs from the features of different shapes.

Die cut stickers

Die cut stickers can be described as custom shape stickers for a reason, die cut stickers can be cut into various shapes, and any complex shape can be cut correctly according to the drawing. You can choose any size to print the die-cut sticker, and it is easy to keep the size and shape exactly the same as where you apply it. We are like a designer with a pair of scissors, presenting your drawings in the form of stickers. Since the die cut sticker is laser-cut, it can be easily cut into any shape. All shapes are included in the die cut sticker, but for a better understanding of the different stickers, there are separate descriptions of specific shapes.








Circle stickers

The word “popular” for circle stickers is perfectly acceptable, as it is the most commonly used of the four common shapes. Because it’s not weird to use circle stickers anywhere, and they’re so versatile. Circle stickers can be used as a kind of packaging label sticker, especially for some fruit products, circle stickers are common. Your shopping bags can also use circle stickers, which are less wrinkly than other stickers and can be used as decorations or promotions. The popularity of round stickers can meet the needs of many parties, individuals and businesses can choose circle stickers for help.







Square stickers

Which sticker is the easiest to design? It must be a square sticker. First of all, the square frame can be easily arranged with various contents. More importantly, any picture can also be converted into a square sticker. If you need a photo that can be pasted, choose the square sticker, which is basically the same as your photo, except that it can be pasted. There is a very popular flag sticker that is also a square sticker, and if you just need some custom stickers that are easy to design and fun, consider the square sticker.







Oval stickers

Where are the most common places to see oval stickers? On the packaging of cans and beer bottles, the oval sticker is more like the external description of a product, so that others can understand the specific information through the oval sticker when they see the product.

Ads combined with oval stickers can be a reliable marketing tool. The oval sticker is more commercial because its shape requires more inspiration for decorative stickers. On the business side, its shape is an advantage, it can arrange the content with more sense of design, more attractive sight.







Rectangle stickers

Rectangular stickers provide help for personal and commercial purposes. As we usually see some rectangles, rectangle stickers are also long and narrow. Based on this feature, rectangle stickers are more suitable for text design. For example, some bumper stickers are mostly text or a combination of simple design and text. So when you have a simple slogan to pass around, don’t forget that a rectangular sticker might be your best bet.



 uses high-quality materials such as paper, vinyl, adhesives and ink to create custom shape stickers for customers, and offers personalized stickers and labels at the most affordable price to help you promote your business brands and products. Any shape you need can be cut with laser cutting technology and we produce stickers exactly the way you want.

Die Cut Stickers VS Kiss Cut Stickers

Do think die cut and kiss cut stickers the same? They’re not.

When you decide to buy custom stickers, you need to choose the sticker crafts according to your needs. However, when you choose the craft of stickers, it comes back to the question of what’s the difference between a kiss-cut sticker and a die-cut sticker. Kiss-cutting and die-cutting stickers are available in almost all sticker types. If you are faced with this kind of dilemma, check out the post of kiss-cut stickers VS die-cut stickers. Comparing the names of these two kinds of stickers, we can see that they are slightly different. The biggest difference between them is the difference in the cutting.



Die Cut Stickers:

Die-cut stickers are cut under the design of the shape. The final product is a complete single sticker with the same shape on the back and no extra backing. Die-cut stickers without extra backing are easy to use, you can easily tear them off.

Kiss Cut Stickers:

When the sticker is cut, it only cuts the vinyl, leaving the back intact. The back of the kiss cut sticker can be a simple white, or it can be some printed elements related to the sticker theme, so the custom kiss cut stickers are complete as a whole. When you use the kiss cut sticker, you can easily tear off the sticker. The shape of the kiss-cut sticker is already cut, and it is the same as the die-cut sticker.



Kiss cut stickers and die-cut stickers in addition to the difference in cutting, in other places are consistent. Kiss-cut and die-cut stickers are printed on white vinyl and are laser cut and digitally printed. Laser cutting can ensure exquisite sticker cutting, there is no surplus material left. Advanced digital printing can ensure the clarity of sticker patterns and correct colors. Almost all art can be printed. Kiss cutting sticker and die-cut sticker can choose to cover the film or light film to complete, the film makes the texture of the sticker more upscale, the matte film can make the color of the sticker stand out.

The advantages of a kiss-cut sticker and a die-cut sticker are the most important basis for you to choose. Here are some statements that can help you learn more about kiss-cut stickers and die-cut stickers.



Die Cut Stickers:

Die-cut stickers are free to choose the size, it is cut according to the design itself without unnecessary background restrictions. Second, with die-cut stickers, you can easily see the effect of the application because die-cut stickers do not need to remove the excess backing. It is already complete. So, you just have to put it where you want it to be to know if it’s going to work.

Die Cut Stickers

Kiss Cut Stickers: 

The kiss-cut stickers have a stronger theme and can have a richer design element on the back, suitable for artists to match their works of art. Second, the extra backing of the kiss-cut sticker protects the sticker from damage and makes it easier to store.

Kiss Cut Stickers

If you need to buy stickers, will be the best choice. We will cut your stickers into any shape and size. As well as the most advanced digital printing, we have the best cutting technology. Any kind of custom-made stickers can be perfectly completed. If you interested in our products, please call us at 1-866-573-4920, or email us at

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