Everything About Wall Graphics

If you want a creative wall or a variety of walls, then you must look at the wall graphics. Wall graphics, also known as wall stickers, are highly decorative stickers. Putting up wall graphics in the office encourages employees to work harder and also shows the corporate culture to customers. Putting up wall graphics in the home can decorate walls and also can let a family happier. Of course, wall stickers can be used not only in these two locations but also in places like gyms, classrooms, shops and so on. More generally speaking, there is a wall of the place there is wall graphics. Now, let’s get started to understand the features of wall graphics.

What are wall graphics?

Wall graphics are made of adhesives and vinyl. The wall graphics design is printed directly on opaque vinyl material with an adhesive. Your design can be slogans, graphics, corporate logos and any of your designs. Wall graphics are already made and you just need to stick them on the wall where you want to apply them.

Wall Graphics
Wall Graphics


What are the advantages of wall graphics?

1, Easy to use

Wall stickers have been made, do not need to be re-processed, it can be used directly. Using wall graphics you just need to slowly tear the wall graphics off the backing and start your application. Our walls are fitted with air removal technology so you don’t have to worry about bubbles during use.

2, Diversity of style

Wall graphics are not limited to one style. Your choices are varied. For example, you can choose customized wall graphics or other personalized wall graphics that have been made. There are a variety of styles to choose from, modern and simple or traditional.

3, Non-toxic environmental protection

The wall graphics are made of high-grade vinyl without any formaldehyde problems. You can always stay in a wall-mounted room. But if you are decorating a baby’s room, you should wait until the room is ventilated for a while before letting the baby live in it.

4, Good durability

The durability of the wall graphics is very good, generally speaking, there is no problem in using it for more than 5-6 years. The use range of wall graphics is wide, its waterproof is good, and does not easily fade, no matter be in the shower room, kitchen or the ground such as the balcony, can use a wall sticker.

5, Change style at any time

A lot of people like fresh feeling, to the adornment of the room, are especially apparent, the same design looks every day can feel boring. At this time, the wall stick can satisfy people who like to pursue novelty. The wall sticker can be torn off without worrying about leaving glue. The wall graphics of customsticker.com are removable and can be removed without damaging the wall.

The application of wall graphics

Wall stickers are used a lot. As I said before, where there are walls, there are wall stickers. We can simply elaborate on the application of wall graphics.

Vinyl walls can be used not only for personal use but also for commercial, artistic and educational purposes.

For individual use, wall sticker adornment room to be able to produce the change of intuitional. Decorating your home with personalized information or design is a wise choice. Wall sticker is a very important part of a commercial application. Wall stickers are a great way to promote your product and raise awareness for your business. You can easily add your brand or slogan to the wall, gloss and matte are available.

It is very easy for artists to integrate their artwork with wall graphics. Wall stickers also allow artists to present their work to more people. The educational significance of the wall sticker is to present knowledge to the students unconsciously. At the same time in the classroom affixed with knowledge content, wall stickers can make the classroom learning atmosphere more intense.

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Our advantages

Durable vinyl material

Our wall graphics are made of durable premium vinyl that will last for 5-6 years. Your wall graphics will be printed directly on vinyl, colorfast, durable, and UV resistant.

Removable and reusable

Our wall stickers can be easily removed and reused without harming your walls. No matter what you do there will no adhesive residue.

100% customizable

Your design can be 100% original, we provide free customize services, and our custom system can create personalized work for you.

Cut to shape

Custom shapes are available in our company and give you wall graphic a perfect look

Wide range of size

Whatever size you need, custom sizes fit your walls perfectly.

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