Nowadays, more and more people travel to different places for various reasons. When we travel around, we always take our luggage with us. Therefore, luggage has become the best platform to show our personality. How to show yourself through a suitcase? The answer is various suitcases stickers. Suitcase stickers can make your suitcase stand out from the ordinary, which can also avoid the problem of picking up the wrong suitcase. Want to know more? Then follow us to learn about suitcase stickers.

Suitcase Stickers

Suitcase Stickers








The Origin of Suitcase Stickers

Luggage was once used for publicity purposes. Many famous hotels put a little sticker with a hotel label on the guest’s suitcase. Smart hoteliers noticed that these stickers were so popular with their guests that they began to put more effort into the design of these stickers. Gradually, suitcase stickers became fashionable.

How Do You Decorate Your Suitcase with Stickers?

1、First put the suitcase on the ground, then put the sticker on the surface of the suitcase and estimate the approximate location of the sticker

2、After determining the paste position of the sticker, tear off the backing of the sticker and start to paste it in an irregular way.

3、Distribute stickers of different sizes evenly. First, determine the location of the big stickers. Then put the small stickers around the big stickers and paste them.

4、Finally, judge whether you have successfully decorated your suitcase by color, design, and size. It’s important to note that if your stickers don’t match up, that’s not a problem. You can use a hairdryer to blow up a corner and slowly tear it off and re-paste it.

Suitcase Stickers


Tips for Using Suitcase Stickers

Leave a gap between the two stickers

When putting stickers on luggage, make sure there are gaps between the stickers. If the distance between the stickers is too small, the stickers will be cluttered. Keep a reasonable gap space between stickers, the decoration of the suitcase will be very spatial sense.

Place different stickers regularly.

When pasting suitcase stickers, be sure to properly place different stickers. If the sticker is big or small, you can put the big sticker in the middle and then around the big sticker with some smaller stickers. If the stickers are all the same size, in this case, you can stick the stickers according to the shape or according to the Angle.

What Features Should Suitcase Stickers Have?

Removable Stickers

If you want to decorate your suitcase, choose stickers that are easy to remove, because you can always replace them. Removable stickers are easy to tear off and no residue, will not cause trouble to replace the stickers.

High Definition Stickers

Most luggage stickers are single. If you want to decorate your suitcase, you’d better choose stickers with clear pictures. Stickers with clear pictures not only look upscale but also the decoration effect is very nice. The adornment effect of the inferior sticker is poorer.

Waterproof Stickers

When choosing a suitcase sticker, choose one that is waterproof. This is because most suitcase use is for travel. It may rain during the tour. If the sticker is not waterproof, it will damage the sticker and make the suitcase look ugly. So choose a waterproof sticker is a smart decision.

Sticky Stickers

When choosing a suitcase sticker, be sure to choose those that are sticky. Sticky stickers stick to the suitcase, not only look very flat, and not easy to fall off.

UV Proof Stickers

When choosing a suitcase sticker, it’s best to choose a UV proof sticker. Because you can’t avoid the sun by lugging your suitcase around outside, if the sticker isn’t UV proof, the corner of the sticker will pop up and make your suitcase look strange.

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