In 1935, R.Stanton Avery created the sticker self-adhesive. Some People regard stickers as fun gadgets, some people think stickers are kinds of form of emotional expression.

Nowadays, more and more companies begin to use logo stickers. Take Apple as an example, Apple always does a good job in branding. For decades, Apple has been giving their custom logo stickers with their products. Some other brands, such as Vans, the shoe retailer, also customize their logo stickers to give their customers.

To some degree, a logo sticker is a kind of form of advertising. For one thing, you can make your brand seem more often to your customers. These beautiful custom logo stickers are easy to attract your customers. The more they see it, the more impression their customers will have. In this way, the awareness of your brands will be enriched. For another thing, humans are social animals. When your custom logo stickers are sent to your customers and your customers go out, their friends, relatives, and even strangers will see your custom logo stickers. In this way, your brand is seen by more people. Compared with other strategies of advertising, the logo sticker is low-cost but high-impact.

What’s more. These custom brand stickers can be applied in many places easily. If you find an advertisement company to promote your brand, your company advertisements may be placed on TV or the Internet. The cost is high, and the advertising scope is not widespread. However, these custom logo stickers can be placed on signage, packaging, as well as many other things. Some customers may put these logo stickers on the products they bought from this brand, which will enhance the brand effect. Whereas when your customers put these stickers on other items, such as their laptops, books, and so on, the people who have no idea of your brand may be attracted by these stickers.

In addition, it is also a great way to promote the other marketing campaigns of your company. For example, you can place your website page and links on your logo stickers. When you hand out your logo stickers to people or when people see your stickers from others, they will also notice the website or social media links on the stickers. This is a good way to increase your online traffic. You should try to make the marketing channels you already have become the element of design. And add them to your stickers. Stickers can help you even with other marketing activities.

Your stickers will serve as a customer appreciation gift not a marketing tool for your customers. We know that these stickers can promote your brand to some degree. But customers will only regard them as a “thank you” gift for their orders, which will leave a good impression on your customers. You should also offer a variety of stickers to let your customer choose a favorite one. In this way, your customers will be happy to choose the design style they like. Furthermore, you can have a better understanding of which sticker is the most appealing to your target audience. In this way, your custom logo sticker will be more popular.

Finally, the logo sticker itself can also bring profits. You can give out your logo sticker as a gift. But selling your logo stickers is also not a bad idea. Some of your customers may love your stickers very much. When you make your logo stickers become one of your products, you will be paid for the sticker itself. More importantly, your goal of advertising your brand also is realized in this way.

A nice design of your custom brand stickers is important. From the words I just said, we can feel the significance of stickers. If your brand sticker is not well-designed, the advertising effectiveness will be reduced. In my opinion, brand stickers are supposed to be designed dramatically but clearly. Firstly, the logo of your company should be clear so that the advertising effect of stickers can be achieved. Secondly, the design style is supposed to be distinctive so that your stickers can quickly catch people’s eyes. is a professional company of custom stickers. With experienced and imaginative designers, we can provide free art design services. We have a responsible team. On our website, you can enjoy high-quality and wholehearted service. Besides, we make no demand on minimum order quantity. Our equipment and print technology are also advanced. The email address of our company is You contact us now. We will work hard to meet your demand.


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