When you’re feeling down, maybe a compliment from someone else can inspire you. But there are a lot of people you don’t know who you can encourage without voicing it, just a little vinyl letter stickers. There’s a program called “You are Beautiful.” It started in Chicago as a very meaningful initiative by the artist Matthew Hoffman.

It started as a one-man campaign, with Hoffman handing out “You are Beautiful” stickers to passers-by on the street, but as more and more people joined in, the campaign became more and more influential. From the initial distribution of stickers to the later display of positive energy in some community spaces, these spaces were activated by public art.

The power of these simple custom stickers is that they connect two people who don’t know each other and convey the message you need to convey to others without using words. These stickers that only have words are called vinyl letter stickers, and they only have words to convey information to people. This sticker is not only for artistic use but also for commercial and personal use. Now we can look at the effect of vinyl stickers.

Business Use

Vinyl letter stickers are so important to a business that we see them almost every day. It’s easy for businesses to convert store information and slogans into vinyl letter stickers. A vivid example is the hours we see in the Windows of some coffee shops and a free wireless message, all of which are vinyl letter stickers. The difference is that they are printed on clear vinyl, so these custom made stickers are also called clear vinyl letter stickers.

Personal Use

For individuals, the most important function of vinyl letter stickers is branding. You can print vinyl stickers with your name on them. One of the most popular made stickers is the vinyl boat sticker. If you have a boat you can name it, and then print your name on vinyl and stick it on your boat. This isn’t just for boats, of course. You can apply vinyl letter stickers to any smooth, flat surface.

Customized vinyl letters sticker is very simple at customsticker.com. You can choose the style you need according to your own needs.

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