The prank is the behavior of deliberately joking, or playing tricks with others. The most basic form of prank is to deliberately put others in a dilemma, watch others’ rare emotional expressions such as embarrassment, surprise, and fear, so as to have fun. Pranks can be expressed in the form of literature or art, such as spoof cartoons and spoof videos.

Many street pranks will present scary images to randomly scare passers-by and record their wonderful reactions. These pranks need to prepare costumes and props, which are idle when they are used up, causing great waste. There are also some dangerous pranks, in which a bucket of water is placed in a certain position and poured on others from a height through a touch mechanism. This kind of prank can easily cause inconvenience to others and wastewater resources. If the ones who were pranked happen to be in poor health, pranks may also cause their health problems.

Today we are going to introduce a slight prank. Slight pranks can achieve humorous, satirical, and funny effects. Moreover, a slight prank can break the ice without offending others. (Breaking ice: Breaking the barriers of suspicion, suspicion, and alienation between people is like breaking the thick ice of winter.) But the degree of your pranks must be appropriate. Because once a prank goes beyond the bottom line of others, it may lead to unexpected serious consequences, such as an interpersonal relationship breakdown or a “murder”.

I call on everyone to avoid wasting materials, such as food and water resources, while you are pranking for the sake of environmental protection when making pranks. And for the sake of safety, don’t have any threats to personal safety. So, I will share some harmless sticker pranks with you here. Using stickers to make pranks can save money, waste less material, and do no real harm to people while achieving a good effect of your marvelous pranks. When cleaning up the scene afterward, just tear off your prank stickers gently, which can save you lots of time and energy. Sticker pranks allow you to have a whole sense of pleasure of pranking without causing today next year to be the death anniversary of you or others. (Just kidding)

The Socket Stickers

Image credits: Amazon

I believe everyone has had a situation that the battery of mobile phones is running out when we are out. At this point, a socket appeared in the corner. I bet you will definitely take out the charger and plug it into the socket. Congratulations! You’ve been pranked! This socket sticker not only has a realistic texture but also has an expression of surprise, just like you who found out that this is a prank. However, seeing the cute expression of this socket sticker, who could be angry?

2. The Switch Stickers

Image credits: Amazon

To be honest, if I see such a switch sticker, I will not hesitate to follow the instructions above. On the one hand, with the rapid development of high technology, it is not surprising that some products have such functions. On the other hand, it is really convincing! Even if I put a clap-activated sticker on top of a sink with a faucet, I won’t turn on the faucet, but clap my hands foolishly. Imagine what your friends will do in the face of this scene. There must be full of questions in their heads. And it is the right time for you to start laughing!

3. The Dollar Stickers

Look at the handsome Benjamin Franklin. Who wouldn’t like him? I mean, who dislikes having too much money? This is a great opportunity to test your friendship with your friends! Stick this dollar sticker to your seat and see if they will kindly remind you or sneak it away without you looking. I think this prank not only does its job, but it also helps you screen out your true friends.

4. The Cockroach Stickers

Open Google, enter “cockroach”, you can see that the pop-up keywords are all related to how to kill cockroaches, revealing people’s aversion to cockroaches. This cockroach sticker is suitable for people who are afraid of cockroaches. Similarly, you can also tailor a set of stickers for your friend according to the things he fears most, such as spider stickers and ghost stickers. The premise for this cockroach stickers prank is that your friendship must be deep enough. Otherwise, you may get a terrible thrashing or lose this friend.

Of course, the most basic condition for an outstanding prank is safety. Before you play a prank, please check to reassure whether the one you pranked can accept your prank and his physical condition. Otherwise, the price of pranks will either be your loss of this friend or someone’s health problems. Again, the goal should be that both parties find humor in your pranks.

Using stickers to make pranks is one of the most threshold-free pranks. A small and light sticker is easy for you to carry around and is suitable for almost any scene. It means you can start your pranks whenever and wherever you want!

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