Custom Stickers Design System

How Do You Start Making Your Own

Custom Stickers Design System
Want to order custom products more easily? online custom system makes you customize more quickly, and custom products more personalized and original!

How to make your own product?
It is easy to start making your own, just by selecting a template to enter our custom system, online design, and uploading your design files are available. We offer a variety of design templates for you to use for free, you can also use your ideas to re-create. We will have a step-by-step guide, your customized journey can save more time!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are Your Stickers Suitable For Outdoor Use?
    A: Yes, our stickers are suitable for outdoor use. First of all, we use waterproof ink, adhesive, and lamination options on the top layer. All of this makes the stickers usable in most places, including outdoors, where the weather changes.
  • Q: What are The Specific Categories of Labels?
    A: There are many kinds of labels, including brand labels, description labels, grade labels and packaging labels. All labels can provide information and attract customers' attention.
  • Q: What are Pin Buttons?
    A: A pin button is a button with a safety pin in the button back. With the help of the safety pin, the button can be used in the backpack, clothes, etc.
  • Q: How Long Will the Magnet Last?
    A: the service life of magnets also depends on where they are used. Under normal circumstances, our magnets can be used for up to six years, and the shortest is three years.
  • Q: What's the Difference Between Gloss Lamination and Matte Lamination?
    A: Matte and gloss are reflected on the surface of the sticker. The matte laminate sticker looks more textured and looks more concise. Glossy laminated stickers have shiny surfaces to add color and highlight the effect.