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How Do You Start

Want to order custom products more easily? online custom system makes you customize more quickly, and custom products more personalized and original!
How to make your own product?
It is easy to start making your own, just by selecting a template to enter our custom system, online design, and uploading your design files are available. We offer a variety of design templates for you to use for free, you can also use your ideas to re-create. We will have a step-by-step guide, your customized journey can save more time!


From Design to Delivery

How to make customization easier? Take a look at four simple processes before you start customizing. From the first step to the last step we have a detailed description, you can start to make your own products faster and easier.

  • one


    Once you have decided what type of product you want, you can make a selection on the page.

  • two


    Entering the design system, and choose the template to modify and design on the original basis, you can also use in-system tools to create your own original design.

  • three


    After finishing the design, you can directly place an order, and our factory will produce according to your design, which will be completed in about 2 days.

  • four


    Production is completed, quality inspection work is carried out, and products are delivered to the customer in the United States for 2 days.


Various Options

Our design library has a wide selection of custom product design templates in a variety of shapes and styles to suit your needs. Now just choose the design you like to enter our online design system to start your customization!

Custom Stickers
Custom Labels
Custom Buttons


Don't know how to start making your own? Take a look at these frequently asked questions and start making your own products.

  • Are Your Stickers Suitable For Outdoor Use?

    Yes, our stickers are suitable for outdoor use. First of all, we use waterproof ink, adhesive, and lamination options on the top layer. All of this makes the stickers usable in most places, including outdoors, where the weather changes.

  • What are The Specific Categories of Labels?

    There are many kinds of labels, including brand labels, description labels, grade labels and packaging labels. All labels can provide information and attract customers' attention.

  • What are Pin Buttons?

    A pin button is a button with a safety pin in the button back. With the help of the safety pin, the button can be used in the backpack, clothes, etc.

  • How Long Will the Magnet Last?

    The service life of magnets also depends on where they are used. Under normal circumstances, our magnets can be used for up to six years, and the shortest is three years.

  • What's the Difference Between Gloss Lamination and Matte Lamination?

    Matte and gloss are reflected on the surface of the sticker. The matte laminate sticker looks more textured and looks more concise. Glossy laminated stickers have shiny surfaces to add color and highlight the effect.

Choosing custom products can be perfectly designed to your specifications. Four different customized products are available for your personal and business use. Learn the features of stickers, labels, buttons, and magnets and choose the products you need to start making your own.

  • clear window stickers


    Laser cutting
    Multiple vinyl materials
    Full-color digital printing

  • food roll labels


    CMYK, Pantone color
    Waterproof, UV resistant
    Glossy/matte laminating

  • car magnet


    Three layers
    Strong magnetic force
    No adhesive, reusable

  • cute pin buttons


    One side design
    Metal safety pin
    Tinplate/printing paper


Reasons For Choosing These Custom Products

laptop stickers

Custom Stickers

Custom stickers come in a variety of styles and materials and have a unique role in all areas, especially for personal and business use. We offer custom made vinyl stickers printed for indoor and outdoor use. Use custom and increase your brand awareness.

Pin Buttons

Custom Buttons

The custom made buttons come in a variety of sizes and shapes, the front is printed on paper which is part of your design, the button back material has a variety of options, magnets, safety pins are all optional. Pin buttons are easy to wear, carry, and can be used as souvenirs, advertising gifts, and decorations.

beer labels

Custom Labels

Custom labels focus on providing help in the business area and are the fastest, easiest way to promote your business. There are clear and white vinyl options for completion labels, and roll labels, single labels, and label sheets are available. Choose custom sticker labels of any shape or style to make your product or package more distinctive.

Pet magnets

Custom Magnets

Our magnet has three layers: the magnetic layer, the adhesive layer, and the backing paper. Custom magnets are reusable and have a life span of 3-6 years. Custom made magnets can be used on refrigerators, cars, motorcycles, and all kinds of flat, smooth surfaces, they are the best tool for sales promotion and advertising, and they can also be given as gifts.


Customizable Products For Any Occasion



We have a professional team and advanced equipment to produce high-quality customized products for customers. also provides a platform for customers to use their creativity to create their own products. Don't worry about how to make your own products, now start the journey of making your own.


The design of stickers, labels, buttons, and magnets is relatively simple. Some customers are in a hurry and they hope to see the design artwork right away. In order to save time, they will design by themselves. For the convenience of our customers, we have launched an online tool that integrates design, quotation and ordering functions for customers to use.

  • Hundreds of Design Templates

    Hundreds of Design Templates

    We have hundreds of design templates, each of them designed by our designers, you can design the logo according to our template. If you already have a logo, you can make your own stickers or labels design. There are many design elements in our system for customers to use.

  • Easy To Operate

    Easy To Operate

    Our system is very easy to operate, the buttons are simple and intuitive, and any system you want to adjust, our system can be implemented.

  • See the Design Effect Right Away

    See the Design Effect Right Away

    The products you design on our system can be visually displayed to you immediately, without any waiting. If you want the designer to make better modifications to your design, you can fill in your special requirements before submitting your order.


More inspiration, more ideas


Our Fashion Item – Custom Buttons

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Our sticker products are introduced all the time, but button products may not be well known to you. So, for all customers to have a better understanding of our buttons, here is a summary of some information