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Make Your Own Stickers Online

Custom stickers come in a variety of styles, and it's easy to get started with any type of online custom system. There are many free sticker templates for you to choose from, making your design more diverse and satisfying both personal and business needs. The online customization system allows your product to be produced with the fastest speed and best quality. Start your custom tour at any time!

How to Make Your Own Stickers Quickly?

Here are four simple steps to show you how to make your stickers from design to production. Ordering stickers at is easy!

unique design

Design your stickers

The first step in creating your own stickers is to design them, you can choose to design online in our custom system or upload your artwork files.


Confirm the design

After the design of the sticker is finished, we will send you an email to confirm. If there are any changes in the design details or mistakes, we can timely change them.

Make A Payment

Make a payment

Payment can be made after confirming the product details. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, check or money order, and you can choose one of them to pay.



After successful payment, we will send your design to the factory for production, and your custom stickers will be produced within 2-3 working days.

Choose a Template, Start Making Your Own Stickers

Start making your own stickers by selecting a template. All our template stickers are free for customers to use. Now choose to make your own or upload files so that your stickers can be completed.

Custom Sticker Templates

Choose The Right Material For Your Own Stickers

matte stickers
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Matte Stickers

Matte stickers are generally frosted surfaces. Matte stickers are more suitable for the business world as matte will make and cleaner.

glossy sticker
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Glossy Stickers

The surface of the glossy sticker will be brighter and more attractive with bright colors. The surface of the sticker can be made waterproof by covering the gloss film.

clear stickers
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Clear Stickers

Clear stickers are made of clear vinyl and are suitable for use on some glass as this can better highlight the design. Clear stickers allow stickers to be used internally or externally.

Why Choose

If you choose to start customizing products here, you will find more advantages of us. Such as the platform we provide for customers to make their own products.


Professional Team

We have not only a professional customer service team but also a creative design team and technical staff. Our professional team provides customers with different services, which can help you to complete your artwork faster and better.

online design

Online Design System

Customers can experience making their own products online using our unique online customization system, which is simple to use and can save your artwork. The online design system is completely free of charge, customers can be assured to use it.


Independent Factory

The prices we offer to customers are direct factory prices, and all products from design to production are completed by our company. Customers can choose to buy large quantities or small quantities, we provide customers with quality products.


Don't know how to start making your own? Take a look at these frequently asked questions and start making your own products.

  • What are vinyl stickers?

    Vinyl stickers are made from vinyl cut into various shapes. They are also printed in safe, waterproof ink with protective material on top to make the vinyl stickers more durable.

  • Can stickers be kept in wet places for a long time?

    Some stickers can last a long time, but the waterproof and durability of the stickers depend on other materials, such as adhesives, as well as protective materials. Since vinyl is not waterproof, we do not recommend using it in wet places.

  • Can I use stickers on my laptop?

    You can use stickers on your laptop, but choose removable adhesives and gentle movements to avoid damaging your laptop, and don't use stickers on your laptop vents.

  • How much do custom stickers cost?

    Different stickers have different prices and the specific price depends on the materials and techniques. For example, the kiss cut sticker is usually more expensive than the die cut sticker, because it has an extra back.

Benefits of Making Your Own Stickers

Want to know the benefits of making your own? Here are three reasons why it's fun to make your own. Knowing how to get started can get you started on your own faster.

Perfect for Your Needs

Designing custom products by yourself will allow you to better design according to your ideas, and any details can be changed at any time. Design can perfectly meet your needs.

Enjoy Making Your Own

Make your own design can continue to find the fun of doing it yourself. There is a sense of accomplishment when your product is designed, and making your own product is a better gift.

Improve Design Skills

As you revise and refine your design, you can better understand the elements of the design. Making your own will allow you to continually improve your design skills and get more artistic inspiration.

We're here to help

If you have any problems in making your own stickers, please contact us. Our team will keep in touch with you, give you professional advice and give you the best solution. Your order will be easier with our help.

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