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Make Your Own Labels Quickly

Want the fastest way to get your custom labels? With the online customization system, you can complete the customization in a few minutes. Each step of the customization process is guided, followed by guidance to select what you need to start making your own labels. Your label can be done perfectly.

How Do You Quickly Start Making Your Own Labels?

Here are four simple steps to get you started making your own labels. Look at these steps to make your own process faster.

  • unique design

    Design your labels

    Before you start making your own labels, upload your design files, or create your own designs online. Your design can be saved in the design system, so you can design it on your own time.

  • confirmation

    Confirm the design

    After your label is designed, our team will send you the proof to confirm that your design is correct. If there are any mistakes in your design, you can change them in time.

  • Make A Payment

    Make a payment

    When your design has been confirmed, you can make your payment. Visa, Master Card, American express, discover card, check or money order are all accepted.

  • produce


    After the payment is successful, your design will be sent to our factory for production. We will make the production according to the order time. If it is urgent, we will give priority to production.

Choose a Template, Start Making Your Own Labels

There are a variety of free custom templates that you can use to create your own custom labels. Select a template and get started!

  • Custom Label Templates
Die Cut Labels

Die Cut Labels

Clear Labels

Clear Labels

Circle Labels

Circle Labels

Custom Rectangle Labels

Custom Rectangle Labels

Square Labels

Square Labels

Oval Labels

Oval Labels

Shop Custom Labels By Category

There are a variety of custom labels and you can choose the one you want by category. Now you can choose one to start making your own products.

  • food label sheets

    Label Sheets

    Label sheets can hold multiple labels of different shapes or patterns, and they are very easy to tear off and use. The label sheet can normally print up to ten normal-sized labels. If the label size is too large or too small, it will affect the number of labels on the sheet.

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  • clear beer labels

    Clear Labels

    Clear labels are ideal if you want the packaging to be the highlight. They are clear on the back, suitable for use anywhere, and work best on some clear carriers. Clear labels are resistant to water and oil, allowing them to last longer.

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  • custom shape labels

    Custom Shape Labels

    Custom shape labels have common shape options and also customize special shapes. If you need a special shape label, die cut label is the best choice, because it can be cut according to your design shape, and any complex shape can be cut.

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why choose us
why choose us
  • experience

    Rich Experience

    With more than 10 years of experience in sticker and label printing, we have a complete production chain dedicated to improving the quality of our products and providing them at a reasonable price.

  • Online Design System

    Online Design System

    The online system has a variety of free design templates and rich design elements to choose from. Customers can select templates and elements to recreate. Our online design system can save your design and you can find it next time you use it.

  • equipment

    Advanced Equipment

    Our equipment is all advanced, the quality of all products is guaranteed and we can produce products according to customers' needs. Our cutting and printing equipment are all certified, customers can be assured to cooperate with us.


Don't know how to start making your own? Take a look at these frequently asked questions and start making your own products.

  • What's the difference between a sticker and a label?

    Stickers and labels are both printed matter, but there is a big difference in their use. Labels are more professional than stickers because labels are usually used in business, medical and other fields, while stickers tend to be decorative and for fun.

  • What are the components of your label?

    Custom labels are typically made up of five parts, top to bottom: gloss or matte laminated layer, ink layer, vinyl layer, glue layer, and backing paper.

  • What is a product label?

    The product label can be used in the outer packaging of the product, which can identify the product or carry some information about the product. Product labels can print any product information, which can help get more attention.

  • How many different shapes are there for custom shape labels?

    Custom shape labels can be cut into any shape. Complex, simple shapes are readily available with the help of laser cutting equipment. If it is a complex shape to select a die cut label, your labels will be cut according to your design.

Benefits of Making Your Own Labels

Want to know the benefits of making your own? Here are three reasons why it's fun to make your own.

Satisfy Your Need

Making your own designs allows you to follow your own ideas. If you have any new ideas, you can modify them immediately and focus on one design for a long time.

Diversity of Design

You can experiment with many different designs and discover one you like or need in the long run, which can help you get more inspired. This also allows you to refine your design, get the best out of it, and master the key points of your design.

Get More Exposure to Art

You can discover more designs and learn more about different arts in the process of constantly searching for design inspiration. This quest also helps you improve your artistic skills and your ability to make your own.

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